G. Vincent Gaulin

Project Title: IS THIS YOU, WANT?

Gaulin will be continuing a series of “slow plays” called IS THIS YOU, WANT? The first play in the series “POPULATION” is a retelling of the Three Bears story where DISCIPLINE BEAR, ETIQUETTE BEAR, and PLEASURE BEAR (sans Goldilocks) are stumbling into the burdens of person-hood. Its depiction of a post-modern, undersaturated love triangle raises questions about the sociopolitical implications of gender rolls and modern “mating” rites on the ability of BEARS (humans) to exist as fulfilled individuals in relation to one another. In the current scene appearing at HCL this Fall, DISCIPLINE fashions himself a collection of BEARbrand Microbuildings for programming, camouflaging, climatizing his “freedom” workout series.

In addition to continuing work on “POPULATION,” Gaulin will begin research for the second play in the series “PROPERTY” which looks to be an adaptation of Vincent van Gogh’s life, reset in the rural American west, where the famous European post-expressionist painter is instead an existentially tormented sheepherder poet. As an initial stage of research, a guest curated film screening will interrogate variety and patterns within the character acting tradition in western cinema.

To supplement these more structured projects, Gualin will bring in collaborators  and host a reading group/lecture series.

About the Artist:

G. Vincent Gaulin practices in the emerging field of interdisciplinary performance, which incorporates various media including sculpture, painting, fiber, and digital projection with music, movement, writing, fashion, and narrative into live events. Activating traditional and contemporary artistic forms through performance locates context within the circumstances shared between artist and viewer. In this way, the work addresses as its subject the spirit of negotiations between real people, in real time. Vince is relational and Southern. He’s a committed observer, energetic thinker/maker, and compulsive optimist. He received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2010) and continues to live and work in Chicago. He has enjoyed several solo and group shows with theSTUDIO(Chicago). He was a project resident at Spoke (Chicago); at the intersection between ideas, dialogue, and change, and has performed at the Hyde Park Arts Center in collaboration with Joymore.