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The project titled “Faji” is a research and experiment that looks to analyze how we choose to socialize. The project aims to track trends in social conditions in relation to the art and culture-producing world.  The project will create categories based on the individuals who attend art openings then track the categories to see how they relate to one another.  The trends that emerge will be the bases for the continued research called “Faji”, which will use this trend to connect people to their specific social situations and conditions.


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About the Artist:

“My interest is in art that explores broad concerns in society. My artwork takes a critical and analytical view of social and cultural forms of communication. Everything ranges from the way we talk to the way we perceive and/or receive information. These perceptions are from the perspective of that of the “3rd culture kid” often taking a bipartisan stance on situations.

As a Nigerian-American I live between worlds never belonging to either fully but having a foot soundly rooted in these cultures, and thus forming a bi-cultural identity, an ephemeral notion of “the way things should be”, a 3rd culture. Through these lenses I’m interested in not race, religion, gender, age, but identity and how through it we open or close doors, form knowledge and create culture. By deconstructing and rearrangement of the American/Western views, I examine social conditions through video, film, performance, photography and social design / (re) engineering. Through these mediums I juxtapose gentle images with harsh abrasions to decode social behaviors.

The boundaries of my practice explore alternative exhibition/presentation platforms by noting class and advocating for social engagement. Lately, I’ve explored social situations in performances, happenings and video installations that provoke and administer themselves into the lives of daily citizens. It’s curious, explorative, but also provoking of culture. Rearranging social bridges for the purpose of experimentation as it inquiries into the dynamics of any situation…particularly social.”

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