Andy North

307181_199814050084805_74139090_nGame Design/Performance

Andy will be working on a new game project called SAFEHOUSE, a project that puts players in the role of survivors of an unspecified disaster, trying to survive in a safe house as resources dwindle and the players around them work to complete their own secret agendas, some of which might involve sabotaging the other players or the safe house itself.

He will also be developing a prototype of CANNONADE, a game where players command fleets of pirate ships and work together to sink other fleets and steal their treasure, using fast-paced ping-pong-based ship-to-ship combat.

And finally, Andy will working with local game designers and live performers to develop the SWASHBUCKLE game system for creating and performing interactive adventure stories.


About the Artist

Andy is a game designer specializing in big live games played by large groups. His works explore games as physical exercises, as tools for storytelling, and as aids for interaction. Andy’s work is aimed at people who don’t consider themselves part of the “gamer” community – people who might never consider sitting down to play a video game, or a session of Dungeons and Dragons, or an afternoon of flag football. His goal is to create games that allow players to inhabit stories, to adapt games with narrow communities for a wider audience, and to explore how games’ ability to motivate behavior allows groups of strangers to create stories together.


Andy has previously worked with Links Hall and created several games as part of his residency there, including “The Battle for Booze Mountain” (featured at the 2013 THAW fundraiser) and “Monster Fight Night,” (run at Chicagoland Games and the Red Door as a promotion for the Planetary Defense Force’s “Rise of the Dinosaurs”) . His game “Adventure Squad vs. the Sky Pirates” won the festival award for “Best Narrative” at the 2013 Come Out and Play festival in New York City. Andy also produces live game shows around Chicago with his production company The Planetary Defense Force.