Announcing our Summer 2013 Lineup

Cultural Conversations:

HCL’s new monthly Cultural Conversation series invites you to meet some of Chicago’s most innovative and inspirational artists and cultural producers as they share the intimate details of their projects, passions and inspirations. Join us for casual brunch time talks and take part in the dialogues that propel guest artists, scholars and thinkers to investigate their unique perspectives across a diverse range of creative forms.


Visual Art/Photography: “The Never Ending Landscape”

Liz McCarthy’s work is interested in the theory that through our subjective and shared perception of our environments, we create symbols and narratives to understand our surroundings and ourselves. Over the course of HCL’s Summer of 2013, she will be working on her project “The Never Ending Landscape”. This series   …Continue Reading


Abbéy Odunlami 2ABBÉY ODUNLAMI

Socially Engaged Performative Practice: Faji

The project titled “Faji” is a research and experiment that looks to analyze how we choose to socialize. The project aims to track trends in social conditions in relation to the art and culture-producing world.  The project will create categories based on the individuals who attend art openings then track the categories to see   …Continue Reading


HonsteinFerrari6054ROBERT HONSTEIN

Music Composition: “My Heart Iz Open”

In My Heart Iz Open, composer Robert Honstein explores relationships in the digital age, bringing to life the tensions of romance and yearning in an online dating community, while also illuminating the strange ambiguity of the human/corporate dynamic. A collaborative theatrical music project with Chicago-based Ensemble Dal Niente, My   …Continue Reading



Composition/ Robotics: Musical Robots

During his residency at HCL, Barton will explore how human performers and robots interact in musical contexts.  Barton, along with his lab at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and his colleagues at EMMI (, designs, builds, programs, composes for, and performs with robotic musical instruments.  His compositions illuminate the musical spaces that are   …Continue Reading



Image from "Natural Life"TIRTZA EVEN

Video/Installation: Natural Life

Natural Life, an experimental documentary installation produced in conjunction with the legal efforts of The Law Offices of Deborah LaBelle (LODL), challenges inequities in the juvenile justice system by depicting the stories of six youths who received the most severe sentence available for convicted adults–being sentenced to die in prison (i.e. given   …Continue Reading at HCL’s website


regional manager afterEverything is Terrible/CHANNEL 2020

Video/Puppetry: Channel 2020

Channel 2020 is a standard post apocalyptic comedic webseries that takes place at a propaganda TV station controlled by giant lizards. It is a collaboration between two of the founding members of the psychedelic found footage video collective, Everything Is Terrible! and the creative team from IFC’s Food Party. This collaboration draws   …Continue



Dance: AfterTaste

AfterTaste is an exploration of taste, community, movement and how these moments can leave lasting impressions on us. Six choreographers will create pieces that explore memory of taste experience while Chef Jeremy Leven from Tuesday Night Dinner creates a six-course tasting menu that compliments and supports each innovative piece, taking the audience through an evening   …Continue Reading


Music: Parlor Music

During their Spring 2013 Residency at High Concept Laboratories, Chicago-based Exit Ghost will undertake to write and record an album both responsive to and challenged by the manifold acoustic spaces of the HCL loft.  From the natural reverb of a brick-walled warehouse, to the muted warmth of a piano on a wood   …Continue Reading



Pieces from homeNORA MAITÉ NIEVES

Visual Art: “Displacement”

Nieves’ art practice investigates the idea of attachment to places, things, countries and people.  Her interest in the space is motivated by the constant changes of homes places and the unsettling sense of place-less-ness. During the time at High Concept Laboratories, Nieves will experiment and investigate different methodologies to develop a new   …Continue Reading






Year-long featured artists: 2012-13 Season

Theatre Seven of Chicago will be in residence at High Concept Labs for its entire 2012-13 season. The award-winning company’s seventh season includes four new-to-Chicago plays which explore the diverse Chicago experience, a monthly reading series and other auxiliary programming. This August, they will premiere Unwilling and Hostile Instruments: 100 Years of Extraordinary Chicago Women   …Continue Reading