Aram Atamian

Photo credit Emilio Rojas

Tonight on Panorama, The Princess of Wales

Performance, multimedia

In her 1997 essay “’That’s the Way the Mercedes Benz’:Di, Wound Culture and Fatal Fetishism,” Diane Rubenstein argues that Princess Diana’s is a ‘pathogenic’ persona—meaning that it reproduces itself in whomever comes into contact with it-either in micro-actions of imitation/re-performance or simply an inexplicable empathetic connection.

Aram plans to use his time as an HCL resident artist for the research and development of a new piece in a body of work that is grounded in re-enactments of media representations of Princess Diana. In previous iterations this project has included re-enactments of her 1995 interview with Martin Bashir, her hand-holding therapy sessions in AIDS wards, multimedia lectures, 3D renderings, and choreography for CCTV.

At HCL he is interested in exploring how the traces, indexes, archaeology of live work can invite re-performance and create new iterations in the mind of the viewer. How do we keep death at bay through the repetition, commodification and reproduction of memory? How does this begin to collapse the space between fantasy/wish and our perception of reality?


Photo credit Gonzalo Guzman, Art Dir Shirley Ellis, Tech Denny Chan


Aram Atamian is an interdisciplinary artist based in Chicago and Yerevan, Armenia. He makes live performance, video, installation, and 3D rendering work that represents the ways that fantasy infiltrates experience of self, identity and geography. His research returns to ideas of translation, diasporan neither-ness, and queer memory. Atamian has exhibited in Armenia at the Institute of Contemporary Art, HAYP Pop Up Gallery, and NPAK/ACCEA. In the USA his work has been shown at SAIC’s Sullivan Galleries, Links Hall, DFBRL8R, Ohklahomo!, Extase (Chicago), Dorchester Art Project (Boston), GEARY Contemporary, The Maysles Film Institute, Chashama, and the PIMA Institute (NYC). He has also exhibited in Italy at Tethys Gallery (Florence) and the 57th Venice Biennale (Arts and Globalization Pavilion). He holds an MFA in Performance from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.