Augusto Corrieri

Still from ‘Diorama’ Photo by Lucy Cash


As part of the exhibition project “Goat Island- we have discovered a performance by making it,” at Chicago’s Cultural Center in 2019, I am researching and making a creative response to a seminal piece by the performance group Goat Island. Entitled “We got a date” (1989), the piece revolves around questions of shame, broken sexual relations, masculinity, and denial.


Photo by Hugo Glendinning


Augusto Corrieri is a performance maker and writer. He works at the cross-over between various ecologies and time-scales, to negotiate an expanded understanding of performance. After a BA in Theatre at Dartington College of Arts (UK), Corrieri made several works for theatres and galleries in European art centres, including Madrid’s Casa Encendida, Vienna’s Tanzquartier, London’s Camden Arts Centre, Brighton’s Nightingale Theatre, and others. His first book is “In Place of a Show: what happens inside theatres when nothing is happening” (Bloomsbury). His texts and essays on performance and art are published in books and journals. During a 2014 residency at Edinburgh’s Rhubaba Gallery he developed the pseudonym Vincent Gambini, under which he is currently presenting two critically acclaimed solo performances that feature sleight-of-hand magic (Corrieri’s teen obsession). He lectures in Theatre & Performance at University of Sussex.