Baudouin Saintyves



“Shapes of Emergence” explores the duality between nature and the artist’s workflow through visual narratives which blur the distinction between creative intention and the dynamic physical world. Rather than controlling each generative step in the formation of a piece, the artist curates the events of an ongoing natural growth process in real time. Here the “meta-object” exists without human intervention and its physical reality is brought to our sensation through light, cameras, projection, and sound. The performance prepared in HCL consists in the combination of sound synthesis and visual instruments inspired by physics experiments that I typically use in my research on patterns formation and self-organization in nature. Real-time curation of shapes is achieved through electronic music controllers and softwares, and then integrated and orchestrated, with a live music performance.



Baudouin Saintyves is a French physicist, visual artist and musician. He is concomitantly a visiting artist in the physics department Jaeger Lab at the University of Chicago. He came to the U.S. after completing his PhD in Pierre et Marie Curie University, Paris and since developed his research on pattern formation at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His scientific work has been published in international journals, including the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science and the Physical Review Letters, and has been presented in multiple international conferences, such as the American Physical Society March meeting and the Division of Fluid Dynamics. His multidisciplinary interests span the field of physics, music, technology, light and live performance. Through “Shapes Of Emergence,” his art work was supported by a grant from the Council of the Art at MIT and presented at “Art On The Radar” organized by the MIT program in Art, Culture and Technology in September 2018.

Baudouin’s “Shapes of Emergence” is sponsored by Pixelink and Thorlabs.