Becky Grajeda

"On a Text by James Baldwin" Jorge Espinosa, 2014

“On a Text by James Baldwin” Jorge Espinosa, 2014

Things that should not be picked up in the first place


Existing somewhere between sound and comedic art, Becky Grajeda’s Things that should not be picked up in the first place is a series of performances in which a panel of Chicago-based artists and non-artists improvise a conversation, while embedded in a live mix of sound art and/or music. Grajeda and fellow panelists will discuss topics ranging from the banal to the socially relevant, together devising, deconstructing, and perfecting absurd concepts and contexts. The live mixed sound art/music will disrupt and inform the panelists’ conversation, each taking turns at the periphery of the soundscape.

While a Sponsored Artist at High Concept Labs, Grajeda will develop and present several performances of Things… Her process will involve refining rehearsal methodology; defining and expanding the scope of the performance series’ audience; and documenting the performances to allow for further development.

Artist Bio

Becky GrajedaBecky Grajeda is a sound artist and designer based in Chicago, Illinois. She primarily creates works of sound assemblage, multi-channel sound installation and performance. These frequently include field recordings of the sounds of machinations and moving bodies and/or involve abstracting vocal inflection, intonation, and intended meaning in speech. In her works involving speech, she calls attention to the multiplicity of meanings, interpretations, and translations of a text, and how those can change when a text is spoken and depending on the speaker of a text. In her recent performance works, she examines the voice as a conveyor of a person’s physical, emotional, lingual, and geographical histories. She has exhibited and performed her sound work in Chicago, Los Angeles, the UK, Finland, and in the Czech Republic. In 2014 she received a grant from the City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events to document three of her performative sound works.


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