Burning Orchid

"Dance of Furies" directed by Efren Arcoiris and filmed by Xavier Juarez, 2015

“Dance of Furies” (with Jerri Withers), photography by Xavier Juarez, 2015

Dance of Furies

Multidisciplinary Performance

Dance of Furies is a kaleidoscopic film, performance, and installation project, composed of a cast of souls within the feminine spectrum, and produced by Burning Orchid. “The Furies” also exist as a collective of talented performers who move in and out of the production fluidly. “The Furies” set out to re-imagine Isadora Duncan’s choreography of the same name through fresh perspectives that break silence and stifled oppression.

Dance of Furies works with queer rage and the rage of people of color in the service of transmutation through movement, costume, sculpture, sound, and ultimately healing. The work is informed by Butoh and Reiki, and is led by artists Rosé Hernandez, Efrén Arcoiris, and Sara Zalek.

During their sponsorship at High Concept Labs, Burning Orchid will show an in-progress screening and live performance of the developing work. Workshops in movement and energy work will also be offered, opening these healing experiences to the community at large. Additional roundtable and panel discussions to be presented at HCL will cover topics such as healing, race, and gender.

Artist Bios

An orchid so in bloom that it must burst into flames.
Fire, the creative force of the universe.

Efren Arcoiris  Rose Hernandez

Burning Orchid, the meeting of the multidisciplinary practices of Rosé Hernandez and Efrén Arcoiris, exists as a third entity which moves towards a faceted crystalline form. Hernandez brings experience in performance, movement, and Butoh; while Arcoiris incorporates sculpture and installation. Both are graduates of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Hernandez and Arcoiris first worked together in Hernandez’s production Planet X, performed at Links Hall in 2013 as a part of his Link Up residency. Having found common ground with their Mexican-American heritage and shared interests in materials, movement, earthworks, ritual, gender roles, and mythology, the two set out to create a new body of work together.

Burning Orchid acts as production team, set to deconstruct identity, employ de-colonizing tactics, and create new earth(body)works, weaving them into Chicago’s landscape and beyond. Burning Orchid organizes a number of performances, happenings, and situations along with ephemera including videos, objects, drawings and soundscapes. Burning Orchid completed a residency at ACRE in the summer of 2015, where they began filming their project Dance of Furies.