Casey Smallwood

Project Title: As Yourself or As Me

Casey Smallwood’s work will explore intimacy as material while proposing a new dynamic formed from the mixture of reality and make-believe.  These concepts will be explored through video, prop-making and performance.

About the Artist:

Casey Smallwood was born in Springfield, Missouri in 1981.  She earned a BFA from Missouri State University (2005) and an MFA from the University of Chicago (2008).  Smallwood works in video, photography and performance.  Her work uses popular narratives as a departure point to investigate the division of personal and public emotion, aiming to find the absolute core of narrative and its relationship with its viewer.

The reframing of narratives becomes a documentation of transitioning between self-awareness and self-deception. Playing with archetypal roles, Smallwood tracks the moments where these narratives fall apart and create a theatrical truth between what we do know and what we think we know about our memory, our reality and our self.  Smallwood has exhibited nationally including the College Art Association’s ARTSpace Media Lounge, New York City (2011), Links Hall, Chicago (2011), High Concept Laboratories, Chicago (2011), Ohio University Art Gallery (2010), Eel Space, Chicago (2009), Lumpen’s Version 9 Festival, Chicago (2010), DOVA Temporary Gallery, Chicago (2008), and has collaborated with Catherine Sullivan as part of ARTV24103 at The Smart Museum, Chicago (2008).  Smallwood lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.