Past Artists in Residence

Sugar Vendil

Antonym: ii. Spring Music/movement Work in Progress showing at High Concept Labs · October 26, 2019 There’s no word for the opposite of nostalgia. Antonym attempts to construct the thing we don’t have a word for: if nostalgia is a yearning for the past, Antonym longs for forward motion and envisions the future as an   …Continue Reading

Dorothée Munyaneza

Chicago-Marseille Residency 2019/20 Writing/Multidisciplinary Performance Dorothée Munyaneza is a Rwandan-French writer-performer who creates work to illuminate the unthinkable in previously unimagined ways, dealing with rupture as a dynamic force.  She debuted in Chicago in 2018 with Unwanted, her testimonial about female strength created after returning to the homeland to listen to women survivors of genocide,   …Continue Reading

Nayeon Yang

WAVING TO MY FOREIGN CEILING AND WALLS MULTICHANNEL VIDEO INSTALLATION During her Summer intensive residency at High Concept Labs, Yang will develop a multi-channel live-feed video installation project for a solo exhibition in November 2019 at Mythtake Museum in Gapyeong, South Korea. In this project, Yang layers live feed video and narrative performance video to   …Continue Reading


THICK TIME RADIO STATION PERFORMANCE LECTURE AND EVENT SERIES How do we design a future? How do we bring forward what makes our existence “make sense?” In 2017, Karen Christopher (age 54) mentored Simon Persighetti (age 64) around ideas of creative development, sustainability, memory, and resources. The mentorship has evolved into this collaboration, dealing with   …Continue Reading

Joanna Furnans

DOING FINE DANCE “Doing Fine” is an evening-length solo created and performed by Joanna Furnans in collaboration with Lu Yim (Portland), Deborah Goffee (Northampton), Morgan Thorson (Minneapolis), Molly Shanahan (Chicago/Philadelphia), Erica Ricketts (NYC), Christine Wallers (Chicago), and Barrie Jean Borich (Chicago). ARTIST BIO Joanna Furnans is a Chicago-based independent dance artist. Her work has been   …Continue Reading

Rebecca Tsai

EQUIVALENT INEQUALITY MULTIMEDIA “Equivalent Inequality” is a two-channel video installation. Videos are projected from opposite sides of the room onto three layers of curtains that attendees can walk through. Sound from each video speaks to two different situations: one side are when my interviewees talked about moments they have been discriminated against; on the other   …Continue Reading

Maggie Kubley

SAFETY COFFIN MULTIMEDIA Safety Coffin is a multimedia performance piece that incorporates music, installation pieces, video, and various performance mediums (stand up, durational performance, storytelling, performance art, monologue and scene work) to encourage audiences to explore and question their feelings regarding death in hopes that they will be able to then bring more death positivity   …Continue Reading

Jennifer Ligaya

THE LIGAYA PROJECT(S) MOVEMENT AND SOUND In his essay “Rethinking Ethnography”, Dwight Conquergood wrote, “What happens to our thinking of performance when we move it outside of aesthetics and situate it at the center of the lived experience?” This time as a sponsored artist with HCL will be process oriented, anchored in exploring and defining   …Continue Reading


FLOCK DANCE FLOCK is a co-creative company founded by Alice Klock and Florian Lochner. As FLOCK Florian and Alice co-choreograph and perform their own work, teach as a team, and produce shows in the US and Germany in which FLOCK expands to include an international group of artists and collaborators. They are excited to have   …Continue Reading

Baudouin Saintyves

SHAPES OF EMERGENCE MULTIMEDIA “Shapes of Emergence” explores the duality between nature and the artist’s workflow through visual narratives which blur the distinction between creative intention and the dynamic physical world. Rather than controlling each generative step in the formation of a piece, the artist curates the events of an ongoing natural growth process in   …Continue Reading