Past Artists in Residence

Augusto Corrieri

THEATER, WRITING, MOVEMENT As part of the exhibition project “Goat Island- we have discovered a performance by making it,” at Chicago’s Cultural Center in 2019, I am researching and making a creative response to a seminal piece by the performance group Goat Island. Entitled “We got a date” (1989), the piece revolves around questions of   …Continue Reading

Shonna Pryor

tablecloth archive Conceptual Painter and Multimedia Artist Shonna Pryor’s work addresses identity, politics, and sociocultural narrative through the lens of critical food themes and its peripheral objects and concepts. Pryor will be exploring reclaimed dinner tablecloths in relationship to its communicative nature–both physically and symbolically. She considers the tablecloth to be a storytelling archive that   …Continue Reading

Opera Butoh Lab

Opera Butoh Lab interdiciplinary Opera Butoh Lab is an interdisciplinary collaboration between composer Sivan Cohen Elias, pianist Mabel Kwan, and artist/choreographer/curator Sara Zalek. We will be exploring the creation of hybrid theater works that unify the physical and sonic dimensions of performance using the body, musical and invented instruments, objects, texts, electronic sound design, and   …Continue Reading

David Hall & Julia Pello

Stuttering Images Multimedia/Interdisciplinary Stuttering Images is a collaborative project that has taken form as a presentational and spectral performance that circumscribes the responsibilities of the constructed image, pictorial representation, and narrative frames. Taking sites of media, literary, and natural histories as material and conceptual forms, this project attempts to depart from didactic content-form relations in   …Continue Reading

Ginger Krebs

Escapes and Reversals Dance Escapes and Reversals is a performance for five dancers, inspired by visualization technologies, surveillance practices and physical defense maneuvers.  Because human-machine interfaces are designed to conceal the many thresholds across which “translation” happens, most users don’t understand how they work.  This makes technology a place where power can hide. I’m interested in   …Continue Reading

Brittany Harlin

Breathing Through Vernacular Movement Dance The High Concept Labs collaboration will be a continuation of the Chicago Dancemakers Forum prompt, Breathing Through Vernacular Movement. In the mission to create a respectful solidarity between street & concert dance, I will continue beyond exploring the straining of street movement through modern movement qualities. Taking from a portion   …Continue Reading

Destine Young

Torque Dance This dance and film project explores the idea of the mental and relational imprisonment humans deal with on a daily basis by simply imagining how the amount of brain energy used in making a decision translates into movement. Dancers in this piece relive recent moments of both systematic imprisonment and self imprisoned environments   …Continue Reading

Marcela Torres

Theater of the Unexpected Multi-platform: community organizing, performance, video and object Theater of the Unexpected is an hour-long solo performance that uses the language of martial arts to contemplate the mental space of fear. This investigation combines the multifaceted nature of violence, how the want to defend slips into becoming the offender. This project attempts   …Continue Reading

Matt Bodett

We Are, We Are Multimedia As a project we are, we are seeks to change the conversation we have about mental health. Having been diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder myself, in 2005, this project is both personal and deeply needed socially. Too often people with mental health issues are demonized, portrayed as violent criminals, and wrongfully   …Continue Reading

Ryan Packard

Composition / Sound My project for the High Concept Labs Fall Sponsorship will focus on recording and presenting sound installation, music compositions, and a work for video and ensemble designed specifically for the High Concept Labs space. The following works will be presented: A sound installation for amateur choir, wind instruments and sub woofers. I’ve   …Continue Reading