Past Artists in Residence

Beth Bradfish

  sound / composition Beth Bradfish is a composer and sound artist whose goal is to bring her audience as close to sound as possible – like a musician holding a cello to his or her heart. She composes for chamber ensembles and orchestras as well as for installations and sound objects she designs. Sensitivity to   …Continue Reading


SUMMER INTENSIVE 2018 Live streaming June 10-15 via Mocrep on Facebook Public IRL viewing hours Wednesday, June 13 from 3:30-6:30pm Work Week is a six-day performance by Chicago-based collective Mocrep. Through a continuous, week-long ritual conducted without clocks or alarms, members of Mocrep strip the work week of the time-units at the heart of its   …Continue Reading

Pablo Monterrubio & Yaloo

SUMMER INTENSIVE 2018 Artists Pablo Monterrubio and Yaloo will collaborate this summer at High Concept Labs to create an immersive multimedia art experience that will combine two of their existing individual projects: Pablo Monterrubio’s Remoto and Yaloo’s Yaloocharm for Heart.   Remoto is an immersive video installation for which artist Pablo Monterrubio invented a new   …Continue Reading

Aquil Charlton

RIP Left Rev McD Music The “RIP Left Rev McD” project began with sampling McDaniels’ music and writing new lyrics with similar themes to what he expressed in each song. However, the project has taken an entirely new and original shape since developing my skills with music production, electronics, and synthesis; as well as engaging   …Continue Reading

Aram Han Sifuentes

#exsanguination A process of mourning and cleansing Performance Performance by Roberto Sifuentes, Aram Han Sifuentes, and jonCates Responding to hyper-mediatized, colliding images, and sensory overload of global despair, Roberto Sifuentes, Aram Han Sifuentes, and jonCates team up to create #exsanguination, a performance where the bleeding body stands in for the displaced, invisible, and forgotten, becoming   …Continue Reading

Jan Bartoszek

Futura Dance I am working on a new collaborative multidisciplinary performance work, Futura that applies principles of the Bauhaus modernist art movement to dance while also challenging notions of what constitutes choreography. This will be the next major work presented by my company, Hedwig Dances. What excites me most about this project is the level   …Continue Reading

Annie Kielman and Joshua Patterson

The MorphoTransverse Method® Performance DISCOVER THE BETWEEN BODY SPACE The MorphoTransverse Method® updates ancient health practices for the modern fitness world. –all you need to do is BE PRESENT– Together, we will turn your goals into results and uncover your unique level of stability so you can reach a superior state of existence. Discover your   …Continue Reading

Meg Leary

Thriller Dance/Performance This performance is an homage to the choreographer Michael Peters who created one of the most famous dance moments in collective culture: Thriller. His dance has been re-performed and interpreted in hundreds of different ways and locations throughout the world including the Cebo prison in the Philippines, the movie 13 Going on 30,   …Continue Reading

Yoshinojo Fujima (a.k.a. Rika Lin)

“Yu” (遊) Dance The project “Yu” (遊), explores the presentation of time, gender, and meta-perceptual awareness using Japanese Classical dance choreography, theatrical taiko, and experimental music as its conceptual foundation.  The original taiko piece, also called “Yu”, was spawned from the 1970’s Tokyo underground arts movement. The musicality of theater taiko lends itself to the   …Continue Reading

Cat Mahari

Violent/Break: Vol II Performance The solo mixtape series Violent/Break: Vol II is an interdisciplinary solo performance, first workshopped during a 2017 residency at 31st&Brklyn, supported by an M-AAA Artist Innovations grant. It involves the soundscapes of Kerwin Young and the direction, choreography, text, and scenography of Cat Mahari. Vol II explores violence as an ontological   …Continue Reading