Current Sponsored Artists

Andy Slater

Andrew Slater, 2015 Sound As Sight Sound Experience Andy Slater’s Sound As Sight installation on Saturday, June 3rd from 1-4PM. Sound As Sight is a field recording project directed by Andy Slater featuring contributions by people who are blind or visually impaired. The project will explore the unique relationships that blind people have with sound.   …Continue Reading

Amanda VanValkenburg

Amanda VanValkenburg, 2016 Unnatural Disasters Video Experience Unnatural Disasters on Saturday, May 6th from 1-4PM Unnatural Disasters transforms experimental 3D video vignettes into interactive and audience controlled experiences through art games, virtual and augmented reality, and interactive video. Unnatural Disasters focuses on images of neglected Americana, with buildings modeled off of “ghost” buildings. The expanding   …Continue Reading

Emma Draves

Matthew Hollis, 2016 “Listen…” Dance “Listen…” is an exploration of physical fracturing caused by a slipping sense of place and changing identity. Draves will spend her HCL Sponsorship researching her own story and the stories of her collaborators, weaving the narratives into an empathic work. As a part of its process, she will explore Rasa   …Continue Reading

Earsight Duo & Danny Clay

Earsight Duo, 2016 on | off Music Earsight Duo & Danny Clay present on/off on Friday, May 5th. Reserve your space today! on | off is an immersive, audience-dependent sound project  that uses a set of small homemade synthesizers. These simple tone generators, each consisting of only an on/off switch, a volume knob, a frequency knob,   …Continue Reading

Mariel Harari

 Bitter Root (Cow Flowers), Mariel Harari, 2016 Gears Multimedia Gears explores the ways in which we do and don’t connect with ourselves, each other and our environment. Performers affixed with gear spokes bend and curve to interlock then pull away. At times they remain static unaware of what their spokes are meant for. Other times they   …Continue Reading

Rashayla Marie Brown

Video Still, Reality Is Not Good Enough, 2016, Courtesy of the Artist Reality Is Not Good Enough Film Join RBM’s “The Turnt and Woke Approach to Documentary Editing” on Saturday, May 27th from 4:30-6:30PM “Reality Is Not Good Enough,” is a radical, Black woman-centered, reality television-inspired film that will be openly edited with the public   …Continue Reading


Mozawa staff photo by Jon Wes A Dream Play Music & Theater Mozawa will spend their Spring 2017 Sponsorship dissecting, exploring and reimagining August Strindberg’s, A Dream Play. Written in 1907, A Dream Play is one of the most difficult plays to direct and perform. It is a precursor to both dramatic expressionism and surrealism, and a biting look   …Continue Reading

The Runaways Lab

Matthew Gregory Hollis, 2015 Upcoming performances: June 10th, June 17th “Dead Youth”, or, “The Leaks” Theater Joyelle McSweeney’s “Dead Youth”, or, “The Leaks” is set aboard a hijacked containership upon which Julian Assange leads a chorus of Dead Youth—youngsters killed in violent circumstances such as war, factories, or senior prom—to Magnetic Island to upload them   …Continue Reading