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Erin Kilmurray

Image from SEARCH PARTY (draft 1) showing ; pictured dancers Stephanie Paul and Cassandra Porter; photo by Matthew Gregory Hollis, 2017 Search Party Dance SEARCH PARTY, is an immersive contemporary dance work exploring femme-identified bodies as they both set and test their own limits – their capability, vulnerability, their own personal stakes, and what might   …Continue Reading

Anthony Janas

Photo by Amanda Gutierrez, 2013 Playing the Room Sound Playing the Room is a performance piece that breaks down the notion that architecture must be a submissive member in a live musical performance. Performance spaces are constructed to enhance our traditional notions of acoustic and electronically amplified musical performances. If the space does not meet the   …Continue Reading

Hot Kitchen

“Big Girl Stuff” by Jiana Estes & Alex Hovi, photo by Drew Angle, 2017 Hot Kitchen Performance & Film How do we resist home, and how do we also miss it so dearly? The core of Hot Kitchen’s piece, its title to be determined, will center around the idea of their hometowns. The collective hails from   …Continue Reading

Kevin Sparrow

“orange you glad New Zealand” Credit: Joshua Lewis/Performing, Writing 2017 full filling Writing & Performance The Museum of Unnatural history Chicago (MUnCh) invites you to an exploration of colonial botany through a series of lectures, interventions, and prepared objects. The MUnCh exists as a pseudo-structure; the traveling lectures of expertise our lecturer presents refer to   …Continue Reading

Jessica Aszodi

Jessica Aszodi with David Robertson and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, photo by Keith Saunders 2016. Jessica Aszodi Music & Movement “I hear your tongue when you talk. I can feel it moving. The resting tension of your jaw. I feel that too. In my body, like you were there as part of me. When I   …Continue Reading

A.J. McClenon

“He Kind of Skips Over Me” still, courtesy of AJ McClenon Black Water: Polarity Multimedia Performance CALL FOR INTERVIEWS learn more> Black Water: Polarity examines an unreported, long-term (approx. 1989-2001) gasoline spill that occurred in McClenon’s childhood neighborhood in Washington, D.C. Through video and sound performances that include news articles, narrative and poetic texts along   …Continue Reading

Zafa Collective

Brittany Faith Photography, 2017 Zafa Collective 2017-2018 Season Music The Zafa Collective will workshop pieces from three major performances on the Collective’s 2017-2018 season calendar: a performance of all Chinese and Chinese-American composers, a performance of all female composers, and a performance of all Mexican and Mexican-American composers.  Zafa will begin the process of bringing   …Continue Reading

Chicago Balinese Gamelan

Photo by Alex Yoffe, 2015 At the Count of Gong; A Rebirth of Balinese Gamelan Music in Chicago Music Balinese gamelan music has been known around the world for its enthralling sounds, influence on genres of music like classical and jazz, and its fascinating origins in the colorful culture-rich island of Bali, Indonesia. Come this   …Continue Reading