Lindsey Best

Walking into an Unfamiliar Place You Already Know


Walking into an Unfamiliar Place You Already Know is a site-specific sound work and a meditation on what it means to listen by the sound artist Cinchel. Live guitar improvisation, feedback, and audience participation are embedded within a quad-speaker sound system to create an interactive performance of sonic disorientation.

The result of Walking into an Unfamiliar Place… will be a decoupling of sound from image, the heard from the seen. The distinctive experience, similar to an interactive version of La Monte Young’s Dreamhouse, presents an opportunity to change our relation to others and the world at large and shape who we are as people and creative entities. In that way the process of positive change, self development, and relationships with others can continue to grow and prosper

Cinchel will use the HCL studio to develop Walking into an Unfamiliar Place…, with particular attention devoted to the properties of the room itself. Sponsorship will conclude with a Works-in-Progress showing of the work.

Artist Bio

Cinchel by Lindsey BestThe artist Cinchel creates dense musical experiences that convey complex emotions through abstracted sound. Cinchel began playing guitar at the age of 15, influenced by Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, and Glenn Branca. 20 years of experimentation with delay pedals, four-track recorders, feedback, layering, and improvisation has resulted in an internal language of musical emotion, aided by a philosophy of imperfection.

Cinchel has performed around Chicago at various music venues (The Burlington, Subt, Elastic, Hideout, Whistler), record stores (Saki, Lauries Planet of Sound), and DIY/art spaces (Enemy, tritriangle, dfbrl8r, Young Camelot, Comfort Station). Cinchel was selected to be one of the eight performers for Experimental Sound Studio’s Oscillations Series in the winter of 2013. Cinchel has self-released a number of digital releases as well as small run of Tapes, photo-zines, and an LP. Cinchel has had music released on tape/cd through Notes & Bolts, Time Released Sound, and Twice Removed and a number of digital releases on various netlabel sites around the world (Public Spaces lab, feedback Loop, vaporcake).