Coppice & Nora Maité Nieves at Pivot Arts

Refractions at a Steep Angle of Incindence

7pm, June 19th
4101 N. Broadway Ave.

$10 Suggested Donation.

As part of the Pivot Multi-Arts Festival, former Sponsored Company Coppice is partnering up with the Buena Park Neighborhood Association and High Concept Labs to create and curate experimental sonic experiences in a defunct cleaners in uptown. The show will feature visual art created by current HCL Sponsored Artist Nora Maité Nieves.


Photo by Stan Carpenter

Photo by Stan Carpenter

COPPICE [Chicago, IL]

“Blurring sounds and centuries”

COPPICE is the duet of Noé Cuéllar & Joseph Kramer using bellowed instruments and electronics. Since its formation in 2009 Coppice has produced original compositions for stage, fixed media, and performed installation settings. Coppice has appeared at a variety of US venues and festivals, including the Museum of Contemporary Art and Goethe-Institut in Chicago, and internationally in Iceland, Sweden and the Netherlands. Their latest release “Compound Form” is out now on Triple Bath (GR).


Nnieves-Analog-Digital-2013NORA MAITÈ NIEVES [Chicago, IL]

Visual Artist

Nieves art practice investigates the idea of attachment to places, things, countries and people.  Her interest in the space is motivated by the constant changes of homes places and the unsettling sense of place-less-ness. During the time at High Concept Laboratories, Nieves will experiment and investigate different methodologies to develop a new body of work. The idea of displacement implies action, movement, change, and trace and also implies that something was left behind.


Jason ZehJASON ZEH [Kansas City, KS]

“Brutally precise non-music”

Cassette composer and Xerox artist Jason Zeh from Bowling Green Ohio (currently living in Kansas City, MO), has spent the better part of the last decade and a half forging a unique sonic vocabulary that seeks to uncover the inherent flaws in cassette tapes and to devise processes that bring those flaws into sharp focus. Zeh explores extended techniques for cassette that accentuate surface, gesture, color, and texture without foregoing emotion as he forces the listener to focus on the hidden traits and materiality of cassette tape: scratches on the surface, the clicking of the machinery, the magnetic fields of the motors, layering of tape hiss, and the physical manipulation of magnetic granules on the surface of the tape all become key compositional elements instead of obstacles to be overcome in the interest of producing an unblemished recording.


Photo by Ben Syverson

Photo by Ben Syverson


“The real beauty of this music lies in the detail […] as though it’s been wired directly into your spine”

JASON SOLIDAY has been an active member of Chicago’s sound-making community for over fifteen years, performing improvised and semi-composed  works as a solo artist as well as a member of various bands and collaborative projects. Current projects include The Subtraction, Magic Missile, a duo with new media/glitch artist Jon Satrom, several recording projects with EVP researcher Michael Esposito, and performing with bassist Darin Gray (Chikamorachi, Dazzling Killmen, etc.). From 2005 to 2012 he was also the main curator at Enemy, a performance space in Chicago focusing on sound art and improvised music.


Photo by Noé Cuéllar

Photo by Noé Cuéllar

N.N.N. COOK [St. Louis, MO]

“Accentuating color while inducing horizontal and vertical spatial movement”

As a member of the Close/Far Family artist collective, Nathan runs the cassette side of Close/Far Recordings. He performs and records solo as N.N.N. Cook, in the electroacoustic improv trio, Awn, and in the spontaneous music ensemble, The Current Group. Recent collaborations include live performances and recordings with area artists such as: Rick Weaver in Heyoka, Chris Smentkowski in Behindlings, Kevin Harris in Lobster, Matthew Erickson in Blemished Stone, Michael Williams, Dr. Mabuse, Josh Levi, and Ghost Ice. He has performed in St. Louis at such venues as: The Saint Louis Contemporary Art Museum, The Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, Apop Records, Floating Laboratories, The Way Out Club, Open Lot, The Tap Room, and Momo.




Troy_SchaferTROY SCHAFER [Chicago/Madison]

“A distant echo of anti-cerebral ballad casting, free association, psychomantric gesture and sonic rhetoric becoming notion of future past”

Troy Schafer is a Wisconsinite composer, performer and recording artist whose work is primarily engaged with sound as a material, constitution of the voice and avant-garde soundscaping. He is recognized as a classically trained violinist, educator and collaborator of such esteemed Midwestern acts as Kinit Her, Burial Hex, Wormsblood, Rain Drinkers, Spiral Joy Band and the Chagas Schafer duo. He holds a BM in orchestra education from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point and is currently pursuing an MFA from the department of sound at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.



About Pivot Arts Festival:

Pivot Arts develops new work and presents performances throughout the year culminating in a large-scale, multi-arts festival. Our vision is that of a vibrant community where unique collaborations between artists, businesses and organizations lead to the support and creation of innovative performances.

Pivot’s inaugural Multi-Arts Festival is a celebration of innovative performances in our community.  This year’s festival reignites the spirit of the Vaudeville Era by performing in unique and historic spaces throughout Uptown and Edgewater!  Top Chicago innovators including: Manual Cinema, Molly Shanahan/Mad Shak, Mucca Pazza, and Theater Oobleck lead celebration of multi-disciplinary performances in a former Vaudeville Theater, an at-one-time Charlie Chaplin film studio and other exciting spaces.