Cultural Conversation with Mariano Chavez

Mariano_chavez_bonechandeliJoin us for a sumptuous Sunday Brunch and talk In this installment of HCL’s Cultural Conversation Series. Visual Artist Mariano Chavez will take the audience through a fast-paced image ride that is both sharp to look at and funny, shifting from beauty to nightmare and back again.

The event is free, but you must RSVP here.

About the artist:

Mariano Chavez’s work covers a diverse range of media: painting, print, sculpture, animation and sound. Regardless of the media, the work remains consistent through a personal vocabulary and themes that continually resurface and evolve. The dark comedy, the sexual, and the unknown are reoccurring topics. The artist tendency toward ‘strong’ imagery that attracts and repels are references to his early influences in the southwestern Texan landscape he grew up in, as well as tribal religious sects in the area.

View his portfolio here.