Darling Shear

Tech, no-Jesus


Darling Shear investigates the crippling relationship and addiction to technology and the lack of relationship to spirituality in a new work developed as part of Squire’s year as a Chicago Dancemakers Forum Lab Artist. In pursuit of this line of inquiry, Squire is employing a variety of research methods including readings of religious texts, readings of philosophical texts, site visits to places of worship, and attendance at tech meetups and conferences. The hope is to incorporate the information regarding native behaviors and belief systems surrounding technology and religion gathered from these visits into “Tech, no-Jesus.”

“Tech, no-Jesus” will be presented at the Harold Washington Public Library Winter Garden for a three evening run in Spring 2020. This will include the research from readings, site visits, practical application of projection technology and video. The goal is an integrated manifestation of dialogue between technology and religiosity through performance.



Darling Shear is a Chicago Native with roots in Atlanta, where Darling started dance training. Darling attended North Springs Charter School of the performing arts where she was trained in Ballet, Modern, Jazz and African. Darling began dancing professionally right out of high school and has since worked with many choreographers. Highlights include working with Bubba Carr Choreography/artistic director to Cher for 12 years+, Rhonda Henriksen soloist with Hubbard Street and Twyla Tharp, Tracy Vogt former Philadanco dancer, Hinton Battle the Original Scarecrow from the broadway production of “The Wiz” and Lauri Stallings Hubbard street soloist and founder/artistic director of gloATL. Darling moved back to Chicago the summer of 2011 to start Suna Dance a collaborative artist group and had the first performance in November of 2011. Darling is a freelance dancer/choreographer in the city and has worked with The Fly Honeys of the The Inconvenience, Body Cartography of Minneapolis, Links Hall, Victoria Bradford, Chicago AIDS Foundation, Chances Dances, no small plan productions, Slo’Mo, the Public hotel, Soho House Chicago, Growing Power inc., Expo Chicago, Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre, The School of the Art Institute, Depaul Museum, University of Chicago, University of Illinois in Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Chicago Film Archive, Chicago Athletic Association Hotel, Salonathon, and Open TV beta.