Destine Young



This dance and film project explores the idea of the mental and relational imprisonment humans deal with on a daily basis by simply imagining how the amount of brain energy used in making a decision translates into movement. Dancers in this piece relive recent moments of both systematic imprisonment and self imprisoned environments that directly affects their decision-making. Among a number of catastrophic consequences happening to the body, the dancers in the film also experienced the manifestation of humanity when control Freedom comes into play. Thus, creating very interesting body conversation that tells true story of power and choice. It offers both an internal and external view of how Freedom truly exists in the mind.

Artist Statement

Torque is a natural progression of my journey as an artist since college. My senior piece at Columbia College, from which I graduated in 2013, was called Substance. It explored issues of power and how the structure of society can define and isolate people, in some cases pushing them to escape these bonds through substance abuse. The following year I developed Sensible Traffic which was performed in the “Reframing Bodies” showcase at the Drucker Center in July 2014. I stepped out of the mental shell where Substance lived to explore how people move through life – how communication helps and hinders the ability to relate to one another. Torque is the natural next step in this exploration of humanity, returning to the individual and how the outside world and the inside world –the mind and the physical body – shape one another. My purpose as a creative is to provide spaces for people to build healthy, holistic relationships founded on humanity and truth. As stated previously, my company Ground Rhythm Dance Project creates work that moves from film, to the stage, to the streets. We are always thinking of fresh ways to engage our audience and present high-quality art work that directly involves the voice of many broken communities in efforts to create change and impact in our own community.

Artist Bio

Destine Young, a native of Chicago, Illinois, began dancing at an early age. Destine is an Alumni of Columbia College Chicago holding a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Dance. She has studied many styles of movement and dance such as Modern, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Martial Arts, African, Breaking, Jazz, Tap, Liturgical, and Contact Improvisation. She continues to work extensively as a teaching artist, performer, community activist and choreographer with a movement that explores the relationships between contemporary modern, contact improvisation, martial arts and street dance. Launching her career, Destine is honored to have performed works by and trained with choreographers both locally and internationally such as, Trae Turner, Malik Camara, Gary L. Beauford, Kelsa Robinson, Vershawn Ward, Teena Marie Custer, Dianne McIntyre, Regina Taylor (Actress), Paige Cunningham, Darrell Jones, Keesha Beckford, Kyle Vincent-Terry, Kevin Iega Jeff and Gary Abott. Destine has made two televised appearances including the movie Dhoom 3 (dancer) and the 2016 “Coming to America” segment of the Steve Harvey Show (dancer). Her latest works include, “Sensible Traffic” which premiered in the ‘Reframing Bodies’ 2014 Summer Showcase hosted by Kelly Bowker & Dancers as well as her upcoming Dance & Film Project entitled, “Torque” (Premieres in the Fall of 2017). She is currently in her third season as a company member with Red Clay Dance Company as well as the Artistic Director of Ground Rhythm Dance Project.