dropshift dance and Luke Gullickson

dropshift and Luke Gullickson


Dance | Music: Open


dropshift dance artistic director Andrea Cerniglia and composer/pianist Luke Gullickson unite in a methodical approach toward movement and music this Spring for Open. In Cerniglia’s work for the body, two dancers explore a creative process favoring ritual and intellectual endurance in order to contrast and complement the work of Gullickson in his piece Open for piano and viola. Cerniglia and collaborator Julie Brannen will experiment with spare movement sequence, intricate gesture, and nuanced character to develop visual texture and image.

Sponsorship by High Concept Labs will allow Gullickson and Cerniglia, whose creative processes are separate, the ability to unite their work in a collaborative studio process and final performance. Open will be performed by Gullickson on piano and Doyle Armbrust on viola. The residency will also allow both Cerniglia and Gullickson to document the project’s development with high-quality video.

The presentation at hcl will celebrate the release of the album version of Gullickson’s Open on his label, Two Labyrinths Records. Read more about Luke Gullickson’s Open for piano and viola.

Artist Bios

Andrea Cerniglia is the artistic director of dropshift dance (DSD), which celebrates its fifth anniversary in 2015. Andrea is a provocative, inquisitive, and authoritative investigator of movement. Conceived through a collaborative incubation lab of movement, sound, and visual installation, her work strives to engage audiences with dialogue, choice, and experimental practice. Cerniglia places emphasis on energizing spaces and the fabrication of an alternate world. Using specific directives of quality, imagery, and trajectory, DSD creates environments that allow viewers an opportunity to connect and engage with the abstract by layering physical experience with one that is human and authentic.

Luke Gullickson is a nomadic composer and singer-songwriter of musical folk puzzles and maps. His projects include surrealist folk trio Grant Wallace Band (described as “spidery original bluegrass” by the New York Times). Luke is also connected with several collections of peripatetic avant-troubadour songs released under the name Golconda. He has been an artist-in-residence at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Ucross Foundation, Joshua Tree National Park, Brush Creek Arts Foundation, and the Banff Centre. His music has been performed by the Spektral Quartet, Chicago Composers Orchestra, Bearthoven, the Locrian Chamber Players, Fulcrum Point New Music Project, and pianist Nicholas Phillips.

Blog Postings

Ritual, Intricacy, and Structure: April 1, 2015


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