Ensemble Dal Niente

Project: 2011/2012 Season

Ensemble Dal Niente will be using their residency at High Concept Laboratories to explore several projects that will serve to expand their capacity to create multimedia events and tackle works of fiendish difficulty.

This winter, Dal Niente will kick off their residency with a party-concert featuring Chris Wild and Austin Wulliman performing works that serve to highlight upcoming activities: “The Party” with Marino Formenti, their return trip to the Darmstadt Summer Courses in Germany, and collaborations with composer Hans Thomalla.

Thomalla will be there to discuss Dal Niente’s upcoming American Premiere of his work for video art, electronics and large ensemble, “The Brightest Form of Absence”.  Dal Niente will be presenting this at the Unruly Music Festival in Milwaukee and rehearsing the ensemble and electronic aspects at HCL.

Also upcoming in the later spring and summer, Dal Niente will prepare for our return trip to the famed Darmstadt Summer Courses as the first ensemble to win the “Kranichsteiner Musikpreis”.  New works by rising stars Pablo Chin and Evan Johnson will be rehearsed at HCL, along with fresh scores for the Ensemble Composition Workshop featuring globally selected composers writing for Dal Niente.

About Ensemble Dal Niente

Ensemble Dal Niente is a Chicago-based contemporary music ensemble dedicated to the promotion and advancement of contemporary music through concerts, commissions and educational activities. Through innovative programming, Dal Niente explores the wealth and diversity of music composed in the past century — from the European avant-garde, to American high modernism, to styles influenced by popular music and jazz.

Dal Niente was founded by composer Kirsten Broberg in 2004 at Northwestern University and has become one of the country’s leading new music organizations.  Its members believe that we live in a unique and inspiring musical era and are committed to fostering a positive and vital creative interchange.  The ensemble presents the best of music being written today by established, emerging, and as-yet-undiscovered composers. It commissions new works, gives countless premieres, and champions great but neglected compositions ‚Äî all in addition to regularly performing contemporary and 20th century masterpieces to bring this exceptional music to audiences.