November 28, 2015 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
High Concept Labs Studio A
2233 S Throop St
Chicago, IL 60608
By/Of @ High Concept Labs Studio A | Chicago | Illinois | United States
Mana Contemporary Chicago and High Concept Labs present the large-scale work By/Of by Jenna Lyle (Parlour Tapes+), for corporeally-amplified artists, electronics, and projection. Lyle and her collaborators explore the emotional remembrance of architectural shape and the experience of space as integral to one’s perception of self and community. A project revolving around the extended voice as it relates to contact, closeness, and the sound of sculptural movement, the work’s materials and dramatic arc convey a narrative of community and decay.Joined by Special Guests, Nudie suits, The Creepers, and Electronic Duo Eric Fernandez & Misha Shuster
Collaborators on By/Of:
Cast (devising collaborators): Cooper Forsman, Jenna Lyle, Katie Mazzini,Paul Washington Scudder, Isaac Stevenson (movement/voice); Lia Kohl & Deirdre Harrison (movement/lighting)

Co-Directors: Deirdre Harrison & Jenna Lyle

Crew: Cory Herberger (sound design), Eric Fernandez (technician), William Harper (projection design)
Nudie Suits:
Baltimore gal power duo. With a unique blend of classical, electronic and minimalist styles, they create loop-driven music with voice, violin, and multiple synthesizers.

The Creepers:
a comedy rock band featuring members of Wham City out of Baltimore, will exit their stage coach and waltz into your town, take to their knee, and ask you for this dance. Won’t you join them? They will touch you with themes of love and honesty inside a real and dark sincerity, combining trumpet and keyboards with beautiful and haunting vocal harmonizations.
8pm – Nudie Suits & the Creepers
8:35pm – By/Of
9:15pm – After Party with Electronic Duo Eric Fernandez and Misha Shuster