Jessica Aszodi: Workshop Showing

January 6, 2018 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
High Concept Labs at Mana Contemporary Chicago
$10 suggested donation

Fall 2017 Sponsored Artist Jessica Aszodi presents a workshop showing and reception at High Concept Labs. 

Eli Namay/Jessica Aszodi Duo
Repeat audient – an audience participation experiment
this instruments – Jessica Aszodi composer/performer
Underglass – Jessica Aszodi composer, Performed by Hannah Barco, Nick Merryhew & Jessica Aszodi

“I hear your tongue when you talk. I can feel it moving. The resting tension of your jaw. I feel that too. In my body, like you were there as part of me. When I listen attentively to your voice, my body echoes yours. Sometimes, I can’t switch it off. I become so caught up in the physical experience of another person – entering their experience through their voice – I get lost in the other.”
This workshop showing will share new pieces in development, arising from Jess’ time as an HCL Sponsored Artist. The pieces commonly explore the relationship between sounding and doing, listening and producing, inside and out, sinew and architecture. These works draw into focus the peculiar ability of the human voice to facilitate intimate exchange between producers and listeners, carrying the kernel of our personhood between people, pillars, walls…
Voices will travel from inside bodies, manifest in space and emerge reconstituted in the minds of new bodies that absorb them. Featuring performances from co-devisors and performers Nick Merryhew, Hannah Barco, and Eli Namay. Please join us for an intimate and open showing of new pieces still in progress, and also for the free drinks and snacks!