Mana Contemporary Opening Celebration

September 22, 2013 @ 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Mana Contemporary
2233 South Throop Street
Chicago, IL 60608



Join us as past and present sponsored artists celebrate the opening of our friend Mana Contemporary’s new Chicago location. Featuring:

Coppice (Sound): A Vinculum Variation

A sound presentation expanding the performed-installation practice of the duo. Encompassing live performance, sculpture, collectible sounds, and custom instruments, this new iteration of the ever-expanding sound project Vinculum (since 2010) will feature multi-channel audio, accordion, and The Apiary, a double-bellows instrument designed for Coppice by craftsman Andrew Furse.

Jeremy Bessoff (Video): Red Rider’s Lament

A tragicomic experimental animation. Red Rider’s Lament employs vintage plastic cowboys and construction paper sets to explore the enactment of masculinity in the Old West. The Rider enters the fold just as the West’s dust is settling. His haphazard wanderings cause him to confront manifest destiny and the changes it renders to the landscape and it’s inhabitants.

Monica Thomas (Video/Dance): Selected Works

In collaboration with filmmakers Chris Adamescu and Adam Tanguay, Monica Thomas presents the premiere of short dance films. Each piece exhibits a different approach to dance film, showing opposing perspectives to the creative process and the process of collaboration between dancer, choreographer, and filmmaker. or

Ben Wardell/Michel Rodriguez/ The Inconvenience (Dance): The Nexus Project

The Nexus Project is a long-form choreographic collaboration between two male dancers and twelve Chicagoland choreographers. Each choreographer created a duet on the two dancers and agreed to let them remix, task and reform that choreography as source material in the creation of a synthesized dance vocabulary. The two men are now creating an evening length show from that vocabulary, in which the audience will choose its own adventure through several discrete narratives pieces. Today they are showing excepts of source material, remixed vocabulary and story work, including “A History of Everything, Including You” which was created for The Inconvenience as part of Aftertaste.