Nora Nieves and Liz McCarthy: Partitions

February 1, 2014 @ 10:00 pm – February 15, 2014 @ 5:15 am
Comfort Station
2579 North Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647

Comfort Station and High Concept Labs Present:Partitions-Event-LARGE

Opening Reception: Feb. 1st 4-7 PM
Presented in conjunction with the Second Floor Rear 24-hour Art Festival, more information at

Gallery hours: Thursday, Feb. 6th 5-8 PM

Artist Talk with Nieves and McCarthy: Sunday, Feb. 9th from 12-3pm with  at 1 PM, moderated by Nick Wylie


The perception of time and space is fluid, one moment bleeds into the next. In the physical world we create more clear boundaries with objects, barriers, and frames to more clearly define and navigate our experience. In ‘Partitions’ Nora Nieves and Liz McCarthy both document environments by making structures that tentatively define the way in which they experience particular spaces.

Liz McCarthy and Nora Nieves participated in The High Concept Labs Sponsored Projects Program during the Summer of 2013. For their exhibition in 2014, Comfort Station will host High Concept Labs’ artists Nora Nieves and Liz McCarthy from February 1-14th. To learn more about the artists and HCL

About the Artists:

Nora Nieves emigrated from Puerto Rico to the United States to continue her graduate studies in 2008. As part of her MFA investigation, she revisit her family home, now an abandoned shell of a building overgrown by foliage. She was struck by the way those walls defined her memory of the space. In her current process, she creates methods for recording material space though simple gestures like making graphite rubbings of walls and fences, building arbitrary walls and pillars with bright colored hand-crafted tiles, and creating structures that draw attention to existing structural elements of a room. By appropriating architectural elements and décor from her many diverse homes, she explores how we define space through our domestic

Liz McCarthy works through a process of submerging herself in naturally occurring landscapes in attempt to alter and document her own durational experience. Whether it be a migration to central Wisconsin or a walk in an abandoned overgrown lot in the middle of the city, she explores places where the environment looses ridged boundaries of space and the limitation of formal time. She uses photography to document these environments, and then in the studio, reinterprets the images through the building of corresponding material structures. McCarthy considers most of these structures to be alternative calendars and new representational frames for experience.