Rights Lab premiere: Can the Government Spy on My Phone?

January 16, 2016 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
High Concept Labs Studio A
2233 S Throop St
Chicago, IL 60608
Rights Lab premiere: Can the Government Spy on My Phone? @ High Concept Labs Studio A | Chicago | Illinois | United States

Join Scrappers Film Group and Truthout.org at High Concept Labs on January 16 for the premiere episode of Rights Lab, a cross-genre web series exploring the most pressing civil liberties questions of our day.

The first episode, Can the Government Spy on My Phone?, uses cinema verite techniques and motion graphics to illuminate the legal and social dynamics behind Stingray surveillance devices. We bring you from protests in the street of Chicago through to a need-to-know explainer of telephone surveillance.

Along with a screening of the Stingray episode of Rights Lab, the event will have a panel discussion including civil liberties lawyer Jerry Boyle, FOIA activist Freddy Martinez and BYP100 member Todd St. Hill; and improvised music by Radio Trio appropriating police technology to ulterior ends.

About Scrappers Film Group
Scrappers Film Group takes their name from their documentary Scrappers, which chronicles the story of two men and their families who collect scrap in Chicago’s alleyways and was named one of Roger Ebert’s best documentaries of 2010. Their work has included Central Standard: On Education, a web series about disparities in public education for PBS Digital Studios and Popcorn Politics, a series about the hidden ideologies of Hollywood blockbusters for the A.V. Club.

About Truthout.org
Truthout is an online newsmagazine which works to spark action by revealing systemic injustice and providing a platform for transformative ideas, through in-depth investigative reporting and critical analysis. Truthout’s investigative reporting has touched on issues including the environment, Guantanamo Bay, immigration and transgender rights.

About the Radio Trio
Radio Trio (Alex Inglizian, Will Faber, and Ben LaMar Gay) plays with transmission, reception, and interference across the AM/FM/SW dials, scraping speech, advertisement, and song: deconstructed pop hits, pitch-shifted banda, looped opera, and the noise between stations are all on the dial and tuned into synths, cornet, voice, and fretless guitar. All active members of Chicago’s music community, Ben Lamar Gay is also a member of the AACM and composed the original score for Rights Lab; Will Faber is a doctoral candidate in Music at the University of Chicago, and Alex Inglizian is chief engineer at Experimental Sound Studio.