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Channel 2020 is a standard post apocalyptic comedic webseries that takes place at a propaganda TV station controlled by giant lizards. It is a collaboration between two of the founding members of the psychedelic found footage video collective, Everything Is Terrible! and the creative team from IFC’s Food Party. This collaboration draws upon the social and political critique and commentary at the center of EIT’s video work and applies the aesthetic and visual sensibilities developed in the Food Party series. Channel 2020 will feature some of the most exciting young comedians from the Chicago, New York and Los Angeles as well as many of Chicago’s top puppeteers.

Channel 2020 will transport viewers into a not-too-distant post-apocalyptic future universe dark in thematic content but rich in hand-crafted detail. The characters in the story are mix of human actors and original puppets, designed and built by Food Party senior puppeteer, David Krofta. These mascot-sized puppet characters are responsible for the operations of the reptilian-run television network used to shill the consumer products used to placate the worker humans, and inhabit a landscape entirely of the invention of the Channel 2020 creative team.

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Exterior landscapes in the Channel 2020 universe are depicted by large scale models into which the human and puppet characters will be digitally composited. Action at the reptile-run Channel 2020 television network is shot in a highly- stylized cartoon version of a television studio. By setting the action at a television studio, they will be able to use media satire as a platform to depict aspects of modern culture such as commercialism and entertainment in distorted ways.

The Channel 2020 artists will use High Concept Laboratories as an art workshop for creating miniatures, puppets and specialized props and it will also serve as the basis for our physical Channel 2020 set for the bulk of principle photography.


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