Francisco Avina

photo (14)Dance- ART

During his HCL residency and up to today, Francisco has journaled about what it’s been like living as an HIV-positive man. He is now writing a piece based on these experiences and creating a one man dance and theater performance called ART, which stands for antiretroviral therapy. In ART, Francisco will examine the layers and questions that arise from the paradigm shift in which a person living with HIV is no longer given a death sentence but instead lives a full life with a manageable one-pill-a-day regimen. How does a person LIVE with HIV? Francisco will draw inspiration from his personal story and hopes to shed light on the important questions such as implications of karma, when to divulge the information to friends, family and lovers, and forgiveness (especially for himself).
Through his research and writing during rehearsals, Francisco will find ways to frame ART through the lens of dance, storytelling, and Soundesign. His aim is to take the viewer on his unique journey while also finding parallels with others’ stories and creating material that resonates on some level with everyone.

avina-2-for-webAbout the artist

Francisco has been working as a dancer and choreographer in a wide range of aesthetic and content styles for more than two decades. Francisco began his 23 year-long career in Hollywood. His list of professional experience includes movies, television, music videos and contemporary concert dance. Some of the more noteworthy artists he has performed with are Janet Jackson, Celine Dion, Bette Midler, Michael Jackson, Alejandra Guzman and Elton John. Francisco moved to Chicago to dance with Hubbard Street 2 Dance Company, then graduated to the main company for two seasons. Francisco has also been a company member of River North Dance Chicago, Ron De Jesus Dance and the boundary pushing, Lucky Plush Productions, who he still works with today. Francisco’s choreographic credits include Luna Negra Dance Theater, Hubbard Street 2, Thodos Dance Company, Ron De Jesus Dance and Dance Works Chicago. One of his biggest projects to date was Yo Mexico. This project was a multimedia event that included 350 artist and was viewed by 1.5 million people during a live broadcast. This event celebrated Mexico’s centennial anniversary celebration of its independence at the footsteps of the Cathedral and National Palace. Because Francisco has such a diverse and storied career, he is able to draw from all these experiences as a performer and choreographer to create a new and exciting fusion of many different influences. Francisco looks to create works that are accessible yet thought-provoking. Francisco has learned to combine elements of the commercial and art realms by imbuing subtle nuance and crafting artistry from his experience with contemporary dance

Francisco looks forward to immersing himself into ART, a multidisciplinary collision which will be his first one man show.

Francisco is raising funds to support the production of this show. Learn more here and donate via Paypal at
Watch Francisco’s video about the project HERE.