Matt Glavin, 2015

Rebirth & Regeneration


Rebirth & Regeneration is the developing live show by Tap Dancer/Hip Hop artist Groundhog, who takes his name from legendary Tap Dancer Earl “Groundhog” Basie. By channeling the jazz-era dancer—of whom no videos and only two photos remain—the contemporary Groundhog transforms his identity and follows the lead of the muse.

Originally a one man act, Rebirth & Regeneration now introduces an additional Tap Dancer, Beat-Boxer, and two B-Boys through dialogue and performance. While at High Concept Labs, Groundhog and his crew MDK will develop a full score and choreograph the remaining sections, and add dialogue where needed. The project will culminate in a Works-in-Progress showing, and Groundhog’s audience will grow through marketing and documentation support.

Artist Bio

Groundhog by unknown, 2015Groundhog is a Spiritual Traveler, Tap Dancer, Writer, Emcee, DJ, B-Boy, Choreographer and Director. The original Earl “Groundhog” Basie was a Tap Dancer from the Jazz Era. This Groundhog is a reimagined interpretation of who he would be today, with a new vessel to guide his journey. Since his initial rebirth, Groundhog has made several audio, video, and performance appearances.

Groundhog has presented his work at Revolution Brewery, Stage 773, and, most recently, at the Museum of Contemporary Art. He is also one of the recipients of the New England Foundation for the Arts and Chicago Dancemakers Forum’s Regional Dance Development Initiative.

Groundhog’s mission, in the spirit of the Hoofers, is to give a voice to the unspoken, overlooked, and underground in general. He has set out to shed new light on the “poor righteous hoofer” as well as the DJ, Beat-Boxer and B-Boy, who have all taken a backseat to the rappers of the day. All in all, Groundhog is here to represent something greater than himself.