David Hall & Julia Pello

Stuttering Images


Stuttering Images is a collaborative project that has taken form as a presentational and spectral performance that circumscribes the responsibilities of the constructed image, pictorial representation, and narrative frames. Taking sites of media, literary, and natural histories as material and conceptual forms, this project attempts to depart from didactic content-form relations in order to move laterally in a constellation of relations between image-history fetishism, anthropomorphized others, figural and literal repetition, and the articulations and fabrications of desire. These specific concerns are both made manifest and contradicted through examining the aporias and impasses in the relations between texts, both spoken and written, images, and the ways in which these texts and images are framed to be narrated.

Artist Bios

David Hall writes in sentences and often works with materials already charged with significance. The particular tendencies of his practice and process often take shape in the form of presentational modes, performative lectures, curatorial labor, and heavily mediated performances.


Julia Pello is a Russia-born writer and media artist. Pello’s work engages sites where the articulation of time encounters complications, erosions and ambiguities to investigate possibilities of engaging with what is no longer materially present.