Hot Kitchen

Hot Kitchen

“Big Girl Stuff” by Jiana Estes & Alex Hovi, photo by Drew Angle, 2017

Hot Kitchen

Performance & Film

How do we resist home, and how do we also miss it so dearly?

The core of Hot Kitchen’s piece, its title to be determined, will center around the idea of their hometowns. The collective hails from Florida, and in making this piece they will pay homage to beach towns and mock how they are romanticized. They will use beachwear and tourist-like objects as an installation component and a way to invite our Midwestern spectators into their world, introducing the work to the Chicago artist community. Focusing this new piece on beach towns—what they are, how they are lived in, the members of Hot Kitchen will create an ode to their roots, using their own experiences to explore something they all have in common—growing up in Florida.

Artist Statement

As a collective, Hot Kitchen makes experimental new work that focuses on a centralized theme and springboards off into limitless directions. They deconstruct ideas by generating them into images, texts, and movements, and morphing them into something new. All together, sometimes in pairs, or in any potential combination of members or outside collaborators, Hot Kitchen devises performances and experiences for live audiences with a focus on the stupid and the absurd, disregarding and rejecting the narrative plot structures of traditional plays. Their work draws inspiration from pop culture and presents the familiar in new, bizarre, and often magical ways.

Artist Bio

Hot Kitchen

“How We Wake Up” Still from a short film by Drew Angle and Katelyn Douglass, 2016

Formed in 2016, Hot Kitchen is a theatre and performance group based out of Chicago made up of eight artists hailing from Florida. This collective started out by putting up shows around Chicago in found spaces, from church basements to clothing stores, as well as more traditional theatrical venues. Since their formation in early 2016, Hot Kitchen hosts an annual event called “13 Love Songs,” inviting 13 artists / artist pairs from a variety of backgrounds in the Chicago community to perform a response to a popular love song. This year so far, Hot Kitchen produced several shows including “Leap Dog” at iO Chicago’s The Mission Theater, “Big Girl Stuff” at Dfbrl8r Performance Art Gallery, and “Dan, Daniel” at The Lincoln Loft. Beyond live performances, Hot Kitchen is also exploring video art, with their most recent short film “How We Wake Up,” made in collaboration with local Chicago filmmaker, Drew Angle.