Visual Art- chiNAgo: A study of scale

Chyanne will begin a three-part visualization on the effects of cultural gains and loss through rapid development. Exploring issues of scale, culture, and growth, this study begins on TangJiaWen, an old-scale vibrant street in Shanghai, which lies in the ever narrowing border between the French Concession and the Old Chinese Quarters, facing the impending expansion of modern growth. Through personal interviews, video, photography, and architectural documentation, chiNAgo will map this area’s reach, its people, and its story to uncover a core of Chinese society and determine influences that could reintroduce scale of community to the current philosophy of mega-development in China. By comparison, the project will also explore Chicago’s redevelopment after the Great Fire to question post auto influences, east vs. west philosophies, and natural vs. responsive development. In a fast paced world consumed and dictated by money and expansion, design will be the only link to past organic growth cycles of construction; it will be imperative to the success of future architects to understand these foundations.

About the Artist

Chyanne Husar is an explorer and creator who uses architecture and constructed form as a medium to bring awareness of social and environmental concerns to the public and future designers. It is by design that architectural systems can work in building communities and togetherness. nÜwaste was an exhibit for the 2013 Guerrilla Truck Art Show that explored closed loop waste cycles to create a localized model of sustainable food, waste, and materials. With a BSAS from UIUC (2002) and a MARCH from Columbia University, NY (2005), Chyanne earned her Architectural license in 2009 and founded husARchitecture in 2010 as an outlet for her vision. Living in Versailles, France; New York, NY; Shanghai, China; has shaped her understanding of diversity and culture and the work continues to develop a palette that responds to the needs of the world around us. Focused on engaging the community, she resides in Logan Square, Chicago and works to incorporate local issues into our built environment.