Summer and Winter Intensives

HCL’s Newest Program

Applications for Winter 2019-2020 will open in the late spring of 2019.

The 2019 Summer Intensives will take place between July 1, 2019 and July 31, 2019. 

High Concept Labs’ Summer and Winter Intensives are designed to provide artists with a dedicated studio space to develop their projects. Projects are chosen twice a year and last a period of one to two weeks. Through the intensive, artists will have the opportunity to create durational, long-term performances, installations, exhibitions, and more.                                               

Successful applicants to the Summer and Winter Intensives are emerging or established artists or collectives with a history of successful work (it does not need to be in the same discipline as the application project) and with clear goals for their residency. We do not accept artists currently enrolled in any form of degree program. Accepted artists are chosen to represent an array of artistic practices by members of HCL’s staff and Artistic Advisory Council.


Artists accepted into the program will be expected to attend an orientation meeting prior to their intensive and provide a $125 fully-refundable deposit in the event that damages occur to the HCL studio during their intensive. There is a $15 application fee. Past Sponsored Artists are eligible to apply for the Intensive, and Intensive Artists are eligible to apply for the Sponsored Artist Program.

Given the limited number of artists this program accepts, the Winter and Summer Intensives will be extremely competitive. Artists who do not need long-term 24/7, designated space are encouraged to apply for our four-month Sponsored Artist Program.

the studio

The HCL studio is located on the fourth floor of Mana Contemporary in the Pilsen neighborhood. The 1,700 square foot studio is composed of two walls of glass, two solid walls, a sprung marley dance floor, and three doors. Included in the studio for use are two ceiling-mounted projectors, a PA system, a baby grand Steinway piano, folding chairs, and folding tables. Applicants should take note that the studio has two glass walls which allow in outside light and create a very reverberant room for sound and music. Given the two walls of glass, please be aware that activities in the studio are viewable by other artist tenants. Applicants are encouraged to come visit the space to see the layout and amenities. See our calendar for upcoming events.

Additional help

Additional information about the application can be found in the Helpful Hints document and in the Application Form. Also check out SAIC’s recommendations for documenting performance.

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