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Mike Mother

Brave Lux/Joe Mazza, 2016

Mike Mother


Exploring the tension between fiction and non-fiction, Jessica Anne’s Mike Mother weaves theater, writing, and film into the lies that cripple memories, the truth that haunts our tales, and all the gaps in between. As a Neo-Futurist Ensemble Member, Anne’s new work is the latest from the company’s distinctive canon of experimental performance and theater.

The Neo-Futurists are a collective of wildly productive writer/performer/directors that value new, ever-changing work, championing the direct and charged voices of their ensemble. As a veteran of the Ensemble, Anne has crafted a constellation of stories and language made up of her own unique personal narrative, a signature brand of lyrical performance-memoir, fueled by autobiographical subject matter.

With Mike Mother, Anne’s rich, surprising history with her eccentric mother will be used to examine theatre’s reliability as a vessel for truth. Pitting real-life stories and memories before an audience, Anne shares the stage with Mike Hamilton, real-life actor and real-life “friend of a friend,” acting as a guide and advocate for the audience. Equal parts psychological thriller, live-action-film, and genre-bending performance, Mike Mother will come to life through the creative team’s extensive devising and filming process.

Mike Mother is in the final stages of development and will premiere May 2016 at The Neo-Futurarium in Chicago. While at High Concept Labs, Anne and the rest of the team of Mike Mother will use the studio for their devised rehearsal process and to share this unique two-person-one-woman show with the HCL community.

Artist Bio

Jessica Anne’s Mike Mother features performers Jessica Anne and actor Mike Hamilton. It is directed by Josh Matthews, and produced by The Neo-Futurists.

Jessica Anne and Mike Hamilton, 2015Jessica Anne has been a Neo-Futurist Ensemble Member since 2006, regularly rotating in and out of the long-running Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind: 30 Plays In 60 Minutes, in Chicago and throughout the country. She has collaborated on several Neo-Futurist prime-time productions including Analog and The Miss Neo Pageant. As an actor she’s worked with The Hypocrites. As a live lit performer she has read at The Paper Machete and Write Club, and is the co-editor of upcoming One Night Only, a monthly newsletter covering the Chicago live lit scene. Anne holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Roosevelt University. Her first book, A MANUAL FOR NOTHING, is scheduled to be published by Noemi Press in Spring 2017.

Mike Hamilton is an actor/director/performer in Chicago and has worked previously with The Building Stage, Griffin Theatre, Awkward Pause, Lights Out, Duplicity Ensemble, Redmoon, Alluvium Group, as well as The Neo-Futurists’ Haymaker. Mike is the ‘Mike’ in Mike Mother.

Josh Matthews is a theater maker, clown and teacher, based in Oakland, CA. A graduate of the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre, Josh has co-created six shows with Under the Table Ensemble Theatre, touring across the country and internationally. Josh directed and co-wrote the play Bad Kid (New York Times critic’s pick) with acclaimed storyteller David Crabb. Josh also performs in pediatric and elder care facilities with the Medical Clown Project in San Francisco.


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