Katharine Hawthorne and Christopher Jette

Sponsored project: SoundLines

SoundLines is a performance installation that maps movement to sound.  A grayscale version of a live video matrix is read in two changing horizontal positions. These lines become waveforms forming the basis for the scored sound improvisation. The dancer’s movements change the waveform, shaping pitch and timbre.  Just as a guitar string is plucked by a pick and the wooden body shapes and amplifies the sound, the dancer’s movement actuates sound, resonating in physical space.  SoundLines explores the human body interacting with digital space and reveals the implied forces that, like gravity or resistance, constrain movement.


Artist Bios:

Katharine Hawthorne is a San Francisco based choreographer and performance artist whose work addresses the intersection of science, technology, art practice, and authorship. She has performed with dance and theater artists in the San Francisco Bay Area, Minneapolis, MN, and Beijing, China. Katharine holds a B.S. in Physics and Dance, with honors, from Stanford University.  http://www.khawthorne.net


Christopher Jette is a composer, educator, and presenter based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He is currently completing a PhD in composition at the University of California Santa Barbara.  http://www.cj.lovelyweather.com

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