Kurt Chiang

and the neofuturists

Analog (theater)

With an ensemble of writer/performers, Neo-Futurist Kurt Chiang explores routine, ritual, and the concept of “fate.” In this mentally dexterous piece, Chiang relives his self-prescribed task of transcribing by hand the entire 1954 novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding. The transcription was done in pen over the course of three years for no discernible purpose other than the fact that it was possible. Through Analog, Chiang extracts meaning from this task by creating a distinctive and visceral performance event. In thrusting the audience into Chiang’s brain both figuratively and physically, their identity and perspective as audience members is redefined as they relate their own everyday tasks into tangible items of fate. Analog is a theatrical collage of writing and performance, music and noise, and personal expression where Chiang and the ensemble commit to the Neo-tenets of immediacy and new work, revealing those parts of our daily lives that are actual, elusive, and weird. Featuring the work of Neo-Futurists Jessica Anne, Trevor Dawkins, Tim Reid, as well as Neo-friends Lizi Breit and Hank Vogler.

Performances March 4 through April 6, 2013


About the Artist:

Kurt Chiang started working with the Neo-Futurists in 2007 when he participated in a slew of prime-time shows, including The Fool (Returns to his Chair), Contraption, and Picked-Up.  Kurt joined the Neo-Futurist ensemble in 2008, and has since written over 100 short plays in Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, incorporating his mixed curiosities for writing, music, sound, physical-performance, visual art, and even live theater.  Kurt also originated the unapologetically heavy-handed role of ‚ÄúBud Miller‚Äù in the Neo-Futurist‚Äôs BEER! The Musical.  He has created other ethereal work for Drinking & Writing Theater, Paper Machete, the Chicago One-Minute Play Festival, Barrel of Monkeys (where he is a company member), and his visual art collaborative

DEAD SQUIRREL.  Analog is his first endeavor as a Neo-Futurist prime-time show creator.