Liz McCarthy

moonmore2Visual Art/Photography: The Never Ending Landscape

Liz McCarthy’s work is interested in the theory that through our subjective and shared perception of our environments, we create symbols and narratives to understand our surroundings and ourselves. Over the course of HCL’s Summer of 2013, she will be working on her project “The Never Ending Landscape”. This series investigates how humans interpret their surrounding through a process of reseeing or an additive perception. She is recording her own process of reseeing by making drawings and objects based on landscapes she encounters. She will use the HCL facilities to construct framed plexi-glass structures that frame the landscape they are placed in. These frames will act as a window for framing the scene, but also a surface for reacting through additive media onto the landscape.

In attempts continue a dialogue on how visual artists disrupt or shift the way their viewers experience and identify their environments; she will also use the HCL space to host a series of discussions with Chicago artists and organizers. These ideas generated through these discussions will be loosely documented and distributed through handmade books.

About the Artist

Liz McCarthy was trained as a photographer, and combines this medium with whatever is appropriate to make images and objects. After receiving a BFA from the University North Carolina at Asheville, she moved to the Chicago in 2009, and now shows all over the city and the surrounding Midwest. She was very lucky to work with artist Rineke Dijkstra at the Atlantic Center for the Arts residency in 2009, and attended the ACRE residency in 2011. On top of her role as an artist, she has also been an active arts organizer in Chicago, acting as director of Roxaboxen Exhibition for three years, and now currently a volunteer with the ACRE residency. She is very excited to be a participant in the High Concept Labs 2013 summer residency.

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