"Art is This Way" Llaboratory Co, Site-Specific Performance, 2013

“Art is This Way, Llaboratory Co, Site-Specific Performance, 2013

Pyramids Theme

Installation / Intervention / Performance

Pyramids Theme is the latest exhibition project by the conceptual-based collaborative LlaboratoryCo. Taking the transparent form of a pyramid scheme, Pyramids Theme invites viewers to invest in a regenerative drawing project that allows participants to buy and/or create original works of art to be resold to friends and family.

LlaboratoryCo has developed a proprietary drawing system and coupled it with exclusive materials to transform the most inept makers into prosperous artists and dealers. Pyramids Theme will transform its audience into accomplished craftsmen through its digital and live audio/visual presentations.

During their Sponsorship by High Concept Labs, LlaboratoryCo will use the space to test their installation and presentation, to solicit feedback from test audience, and to refine the material of Pyramids Theme. As the research and fabrication come to a close, LlaboratoryCo will work with HCL to formally develop the proposal for exhibition and work to develop future promotional marketing materials.

Artist Bio

Marco Rosichelli and Ryan MillerThe conceptual-based collaborative LlaboratoryCo creates installations, interventions, and performances within the tradition of institutional critique. Site is a common medium throughout their practice. The aura of site evokes tone and nuanced content. It is a position that is not innately defined by location; it is also temporal and may be interpreted in a broader conceptual framework. If art is a dialog between the maker and the viewer, LlaboratoryCo believes making must begin with that same discourse.

Collaborators Ryan Miller and Marco Rosichelli met while studying at Arizona State University, and their work spans between Chicago and Kansas City. They have recently completed residencies at Vermont Studio Center, Wassaic Artist’s Residency, and the Free Arts Center in Helena, MT, and are preparing for an exhibition at this year’s NCECA in Kansas City, MO.

Miller is an accomplished illustrator, painter, and designer. He is defiant and outspoken, but couches his no-nonsense approach in absurd sardonic nonsense. He finds writing in the third person slightly pompous, and occasionally confuses candidness for comedy. He is deep in the feels; displaying affection for others through cooking and expressing ennui through eating.

Rosichelli is an adept maker, employing ceramics, woodworking, and casting. His childhood family business was Radio Shack, making him skilled with electronics, and audio/video. Rosichelli has remodeled several homes, building a garage/studio from scratch. He considers himself shy, but his initial reluctance belies the gregarious banter indicative of every subsequent conversation thereafter. Rosichelli is a stickler for the formality of rules; this respect for order enables him to acutely lampoon and debase the systems we promote.

While Ryan and Marco both claim a lineage to competing mediums (painting and sculpture, respectively), in common ground they have begun to exhume a taxonomy of shared artistic inspirations that look to some like institutional critique with a penchant of humor. Simply put, as conceptual artists, they put the horse before the cart.


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