Loni Diep

sponsored project: storyteller

Neural Box by Loni Diep

Lit only by the glow of a campfire, our ancestors employed costume, music, and movement to create and carry forth inter-generational traditions of storytelling. As forms of narrative consumption changed – with firelight giving way to lamplight and the predominance of the printed page  – so too have opportunities for communal, interactive experience of the art of storytelling.

With these considerations as inspiration, Loni Diep will present an installation series of altered books and performance, intended to bring focus to the beauty and irretrievability of vanishing art forms, and create an experimental space for the emergence of new methods.

In “Storyteller,” storytelling becomes a reimagined community spectacle through fabrication of wearable artist books, inspired by storytelling cultures and tribes from across the globe.   These pieces will inspire in turn new verbal and nonverbal creations among the performance artists who wear them at a series of special events.


About Loni:

Loni Diep is an artist who explores the ideas of body and narrative through book and paper. Through papermaking and bookbinding sculptures are created to narrate various themes on society, human behavior and perception, and cross cultural observations.

Altered books and handmade paper are her preferred mediums. Altered books are found books manipulated, destroyed and reconstructed to make use of the materials and the ideas already inherent within the book. While the ability to make paper gives the advantage of understanding how various fibers will behave in existing pages and allows for the creative process to expand above and beyond a standard page size.
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