Maggie Kubley



Safety Coffin is a multimedia performance piece that incorporates music, installation pieces, video, and various performance mediums (stand up, durational performance, storytelling, performance art, monologue and scene work) to encourage audiences to explore and question their feelings regarding death in hopes that they will be able to then bring more death positivity into their communities.

The fully realized piece will have two main components of audience experience. First, a Welcoming Experience, which takes place in a gallery and includes a durational performance art piece, installation pieces created by four Chicago artists, and photo exhibitions featuring the work of several Chicago morticians. The second component, a Performance Experience, takes place in a seated theater setting where the audience will watch various songs, monologues, videos, and scenes performed by myself and a group of Chicago musicians and actors that all center around questioning American attitudes towards death.



Maggie Kubley is a performance, video artist, storyteller, songwriter who has written, produced, and performed in numerous music videos, short films and multimedia performance works since moving to Chicago in 2006. She has released three studio albums and performed a countless amount of concerts across the Midwest. Maggie is currently preparing to release an EP of new songs in Spring of 2019.