Mark Booth

Mark Booth


Sound: The Sea is Represented by an Irregular Shape


THE SEA IS REPRESENTED BY AN IRREGULAR SHAPE is an interdisciplinary, language-based work from artist Mark Booth that employs audio, text, and image to present a simple list-based poetic system in which objects, perceptions, and concepts are represented by other objects, perceptions, and concepts. The work is an absurd attempt at comprehensiveness and highlights the impossibility of an associative totality.

At High Concept Labs, Booth will concentrate on further exploring and developing the sound and music aspects of the piece, treating hcl as a space in which to experiment, discover, and refine the audio composition in preparation for a twelve hour performance of the piece. In its audio form, this list is spoken aloud by an ensemble of vocalists, accompanied by experimental music. While in residence at hcl, Booth will partner with various musical collaborators and will host a work in progress presentation of the performance.

Artist Bio

Booth is an interdisciplinary artist, sound artist, writer, and musician. His work in text, image, and sound explores the material qualities of language, as well as the ways that language functions (and does not function) to describe human experience. Having learned to read and navigate the world as a dyslexic, Booth uses his work to make sense of his own disjointed experience with words and meaning. His art is simultaneously grandiose in scope (attempting (and failing, of course) to describe the entire spectrum of human existence) and comically quotidian.

Booth is on the faculty of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has exhibited and performed his work in Chicago, nationally, and internationally in a variety of known and obscure venues.


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