Mark Hardy


Lukasz Kowalczyk, 2013


Opera / Oratorio

drF is an original opera-oratorio by composer and performer Mark Hardy. Thirty or forty years from now, in a city where everything is disconnectedly automated and always under construction, a complacent Private Eye is drawn into a secret underground world. There, he battles a megalomaniac doctor from outer space bent on taking over the world with robot monster hybrids. In the style of an adventure film, B-movie or sci-fi story, drF acts as a comic book or radio serial brought to life.

At High Concept Labs, Hardy will present a Works-In-Progress showing of drF in order to further develop his original characterizations, plot points, improvisation, and orchestration ideas with musicians.

Artist Bio

Mark Hardy by Pawel Kowalczyk, 2015Mark Hardy was born in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. He studied music composition at Carnegie Mellon University with Nancy Galbraith, Lukas Foss, Leonardo Balada, and Eduardo Alonso Crepo, and at Northwestern University with Amnon Wolman, Jay Alan Yim, and Alan Stout. His music has been played and broadcast all over the world by Cuarteto Latinoamericano, Butchershop Quartet, Hara Quintet, Articular Facet, and Soundings, and at festivals such as Aspen Music Festival, I-Park, BAMF, Produce, Chicago Home Theater Festival, and the Canadian Flute Conference. Past commissions have been from Nike, MTV, VH1, Nicktoons, HP, and GM. He is a student of the sitar, currently studying with Indrajit Banerjee. He has produced, written music for, and performed and engineered recordings by K-rad, Terry Callier, Irons, Euphone, Resinator, and his own solo work.



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