Melinda Jean Myers

Performance/Dance: greatBIGworld

During her HCL residency, Myers will dig into greatBIGworld’s original iteration to tackle some questions she has about its evolving potential.  She hopes to sharpen the images and content she is sharing in order to offer a deeper invitation to her audiences.  Through her rehearsal experiments at HCL, she will practice accessing her most honest and raw states of self, because in this work, she intends to expose the strengths, vulnerabilities and utter oddities of a person alone.

greatBIGworld  includes original stories, choreography and music composition by Melinda Jean Myers and was made in collaboration with Tony Orrico (set design and construction) and Jason Greggory (music composition).  This work has been presented at Old Brick (Iowa City, IA) and Fort Wayne Fringe (Fort Wayne, IN).

About the Artist

Melinda Jean Myers is a dance artist and choreographer currently working and residing in Chicago, Illinois.  Along with teaching dance classes and performing with Lucky Plush Productions, she creates interdisciplinary ensemble works and one woman cabarets.  She received her MFA from University of Iowa (2012) and BFA from New York University (2005).  She was honored to dance with the Trisha Brown Dance Company for four years (2006-2010) and currently restages their repertory.

Myers simultaneously blends her excitement toward movement integrity and detail with her interest in the vague, mundane and mysterious aspects of everyday life in her work.  Through movement, improvisation and storytelling she integrates the performance and spontaneity of human nature with concise choreographic intention.  Her work is both vigorously researched and loosely constructed because she revels in how it unfolds in new ways while sustaining a strong sense of composition each time it is performed.