Micah Salkind

Sponsored Scholar

Micah Salkind is a Ph.D candidate in American Studies at Brown University. His writing on Afro-Diasporic cultural production, including scholarly articles South African popular music and global House dance culture, complements his work towards establishing innovative models for sustaining community art institutions and art-makers in Rhode Island. Salkind’s current research on Chicago house incorporates performance ethnography in contemporary Chicago dance clubs, and Chicago house oral histories, which he is collecting in partnership with Columbia College’s Center for Black Music Research. A DJ and sound designer, Salkind brings what he learns about musical mentorship and mutual aid in Chicago to his work in Rhode Island through The DJ Workshop, a youth arts program geared towards 15-20 year olds in the Providence metropolitan area.

With the support of High Concept Labs, Salkind will co-convene seven movement and mapping workshops with Chicago-based dance scholar/artists Honeypot Performance. Workshop participants will be encouraged to create their own musical mappings of Chicago, contributing to a collective spatial archive of the city’s sonic history. This composite map, as well as ideas solicited during the workshops, will be central to a public HCL-based performance by Honeypot and a written scholarly essay by Salkind.

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