Monica Thomas

3 Dance Films

In collaboration with filmmakers Chris Adamescu and Adam Tanguay, Monica Thomas presents the premiere of three short dance films. Each piece exhibits a different approach to dance film, showing opposing perspectives to the creative process and the process of collaboration between dancer, choreographer, and filmmaker.

The films:

I Am Not An Animal explores humans’ relationships with animals. The film uses reconstructed images from pop culture and pastoral fantasies to address the question, “What do our depictions of non-humans tell us about ourselves?” Danced by Amanda Dye, Michaela Federpiel, Calyn Guberman, Ericka Lashley, Amy Simonson, and Monica Thomas. Originally preformed live at Chicago Freelance Dance.

In Experiment, ten Chicago dancers spent 30 minutes each being filmed in a room alone. Each dancer’s footage is combined with the others, crea

ting choreography that never existed in real-time. Featuring Annie Beserra, Tristan Bruns, Peter Carpenter, Adriana Durant, Autumn Eckman, Katie Graves, Jeff Hancock, Stephanie Paul, Mikey Rioux, and Jessie Young

trace is trio between a dancer, a videographer, and found footage. Using Super 8 footage shot by her grandfather in Arkansas in the 1950s and 60s, Thomas moves between these layers of film to create a piece focusing on experiential memory and embodied nostalgia.