Nicole LeGette

Photo by Bob Morrison

Dance: Of Marrow, Moonlight & Mirth

Existing somewhere between performance art and dance- unclaimed by either- Of Marrow, Moonlight & Mirth is an immersive, sensory rich, destabilized dream-world investigation of the illusory nature of the fixed Self, presented in three vignettes. The ever shifting, fluidity of ‘I’ makes an unreliable protagonist in a disruptive narrative framed within a moody, sparse environment of atmospheric, decidedly d-i-y lighting, props, costuming. All components revel with inherent materiality, decay, thick metaphor and delicate craft. Of Marrow, Moonlight & Mirth is a chamber performance that capitalizes on the extremely intimate, immediate and directly visceral impact of a shared live artistic encounter of modest proportion. HCL studios will primarily be used for rehearsal and development, costume construction, and collaborations with in-resident musicians. A work-in-progress excerpt will be presented at HCL to generate valuable comments and feedback.

About the Artist:

Nicole LeGette, blushing poppy, is the foremost, critically acclaimed, iconoclastic Chicago-based practitioner of butoh; a provocative, contemporary live art performance form from Japan. The 2012-13 season marks the 10-year anniversary celebrating blushing poppy’s unique standing as the epicenter for butoh activities in Chicago and the preeminent Midwest advocate and resource, performer, teacher, curator and producer. Nicole’s performance has been presented across the US, Mexico, Indonesia and Japan. blushing poppy, has presented numerous international, national, and regional butoh artist events independently and through innovative partnerships with organizations in Chicago and across the US. Since 2007, Nicole has investigated multi-sensory, image-based, embodied movement practice for the elderly and people with mobility, cognitive, and sensory impairment using training, performance collaboration and research.

Photo by Bob Morrison

LeGette strives to reveal the essential, the intimate, and the exquisite. Art represents an extraordinary reality that embraces the most intimate, joyous, and difficult sides of humanity and allows us to expose vulnerability through acts of vigorous creativity. She is passionate about the body and what can be communicated more effectively despite the primacy of words. The choice of the body, itself, as the most direct manner to provoke a personal, social, and political rebellion also provides the fundamental means to instigate a culture more responsive to the infinitely subtle body-being.

Nicole LeGette has been recognized with multiple grants and awards including a DanceBridge residency at the Chicago Cultural Center (2012), 3Arts/Ragdale Residency (2011); Chicago Dancemakers Forum Lab Artist (2007-2008) and Chicago Dancemakers Forum Mentor Artist (2011). A graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Nicole primarily studied performance art and sculpture. She is an accomplished amateur cellist, seasoned yoga instructor, and master urban bicycle commuter. Nicole routinely travels to enrich, refresh, expand, and to challenge her senses. This vibrant multi-arts foundation continues to inform Ms. LeGette’s approach to embodied imagination, performance and teaching.

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