Nora Maité Nieves

“Pieces From Home” 2010

“Pieces From Home” 2010

Visual Art: Displacement

Nieves art practice investigates the idea of attachment to places, things, countries and people.  Her interest in the space is motivated by the constant changes of homes places and the unsettling sense of place-less-ness. During the time at High Concept Laboratories, Nieves will experiment and investigate different methodologies to develop a new body of work. The idea of displacement implies action, movement, change, and trace and also implies that something was left behind. Nora finds the way to claim a lost sense of ownership through her work not only to comfort what it’s missing, but also to awake questions to the viewers about their own sense of belongings. In her work she draws floor plans from memory, re-makes fragments from places that become objects, rubbings on walls, floors, and corners that become textured drawings, or assembled objects that become amulets intended to protect the place of home.


About the Artist:

Nora Maité Nieves has an interdisciplinary practice, placing her work as painting in the expanded field. Nieves was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and moved to Chicago in 2008 to do her MFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Graduating in 2010 from The Department of Fiber and Material Studies, Nieves continues to live and work in Chicago, working as a Fashion Jewelry Design Instructor at After School Matters, and producing her own jewelry line, My nOma (, as well as continuing her studio art practice. She will have an upcoming solo show (September 2013) at Morton Collage in Chicago, IL. In 2006, was part of the Summer Artist Residency Program in Painting and Drawing, The Cooper Union School of Art and Science, New York, NY. BFA from Escuela de Artes Plásticas de Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR, 2004.

Nnieves-Analog-Digital-2013Recent group shows: Amulets & Heirlooms, Casa Duno, Chicago, IL, PR, 2013, Chikitolina III, Centro Curatorial La 15, San Juan, PR, 2011, Serie Regional de Jugadores Pampers/Proyecto #3 Deconstrucciones: Convivencias y Convergencias Hacia una Antropología Urbana, El Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, San Juan, PR, 2011, Tell Us a Story, Cart Watch (project space), San Juan, PR, 2011, Pocket, Cart Watch (project space), San Juan, PR, 2011, Geometrically Speaking II, Abryant Gallery, Chicago, IL, 2011, Histories/Memories, Niclole Villanue Gallery, Chicago, IL, 2011, Geometrically Speaking, Abryant Gallery, Chicago, IL, 2010, Valoarte 2010, Valoarte, Costa Rica, 2010, Final Statement, Graduate Exhibition, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, IL, 2010.

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