February 8: Footwork Workshop with THE ERA at the MANA Open House

In preparation for the return of THE ERA’s Lab Sessions on February 28, join THE ERA for a footwork workshop from 1 PM – 4 PM on February 8th during MANA Contemporary’s Open House. The ERA is teaching Chicago footwork to new generations of dancers from diverse backgrounds at HCL. Everyone is welcome! This workshop will take place in the HCL Studios on the fourth floor of MANA Contemporary at 2233 S. Throop St., Chicago.

Sunday February, 8th
1 PM – 4 PM


THE ERA is Chicago’s premier footwork dance crew, representing the tradition of Chicago footwork dancing for local enthusiasts and international audiences alike. “Footwork is both a music and dance from Chicago,” dancer Litebulb from THE ERA explains. Over the last several years, dancers from THE ERA have performed on stages across the world, from London’s Barbican to the Pitchfork Festival to underground Brooklyn raves. The group was founded as a grassroots organization on the South Side of Chicago, uniting Chicago’s best battle dancers into a new all-star clique.

THE ERA’s founding advisor Wills Glasspiegel’s recently published feature about footwork dancing in Pitchfork Magazine.
Glasspiegel has also produced a series of video that introduce footwork culture for VICE and National Public Radio.

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