Opera Cabal

Opera Cabal Performing Arts Association NFP is reshaping how opera is imagined, produced and performed in the United States. Composed of a versatile collective of accomplished young artists, Opera Cabal propels the opera of today by presenting unpredictable new work and modeling new forms of audience involvement. In an era of rapidly changing audiences and shifting musical genres, the company embraces interdisciplinary collaboration, new commissions, and intimate and unusual venues. Since its founding in 2006, Opera Cabal has reached into to neighboring visual, theatrical and technological communities to broaden the audience for and the definition of opera in a new century, reviving the integrity of a revered art form with an infusion of new energy and eclectic design.

Inspired by years of collaborating with some of the most exciting young artists of our time, The Opera Shop channels much of what we as an ensemble have learned about musical creativity into a radical model for developing new opera. Beginning in September and continuing each fall thereafter, The Opera Shop will place two artists in partnership with a dramaturg for the period of one month. Instead of accepting traditional commissions, these trios will have the rare opportunity to work together in intense collaborative incubation residencies to produce evening-length works of new opera. The Opera Shop structure embraces the essential composer-performer collaboration and takes it to the next level, allowing collaborating artists the mental space for radical musical ideas to emerge in a spacious and comfortable residency environment, while creating an opportunity to mount ambitious multimedia productions efficiently.

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