Pablo Monterrubio & Yaloo


Artists Pablo Monterrubio and Yaloo will collaborate this summer at High Concept Labs to create an immersive multimedia art experience that will combine two of their existing individual projects: Pablo Monterrubio’s Remoto and Yaloo’s Yaloocharm for Heart.


Remoto is an immersive video installation for which artist Pablo Monterrubio invented a new videosystem. It uses video headsets and live streaming from multiple security cameras to shift the viewer’s perspective from a centralized point of view to a disembodied one. The work highlights the fragile nature of self in a media saturated, technologically accelerating world. The work questions traditional notions of identity by allowing the audience to see themselves in realtime from a removed perspective. Within this context, binaries such as viewer/viewed, here/there, individual/collective and human/machine are destabilized. In Remoto, viewers contemplate themselves in a space created by media, paradoxically dismantling the virtual through virtuality.

Yaloo Charm for Heart is a large-scale video sculpture that requires 3D viewing glasses. The idea is to challenge contemporary shape and texture of romance from our daily media experience. By creating a large-scale sculptural screen with insulation foam and using homemade 3D viewing glasses technology, Yaloo attempts to suggest alternative cinematic experience of romance. she takes the most cliché shape of romance, a symbol of heart, as an outline for a romantic video portal as a section of Ravel’s ‘Daphnis et Chloé’ plays as background music. Cinematic reference points for the video are Disney’s Fantasia, Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey, and David Lynch’s Eraserhead.

Artist Bios

Pablo Monterrubio is a Chicago/Mexico City based Media Artist and Filmmaker. He received his MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2016 with an emphasis on filmmaking and interactive media art. He is a recipient of numerous awards such as the New Artist Society Scholarship, Jacques and Natasha Gelman Scholarship, F. Grainger Marburg Scholarship, and the National Arts Recognition and Talent Search Award by the Illinois State Board of Education amongst others. He recently finished his second film, El Vavién and premiered Remoto, a haunted media art experience at Kneet, Seoul, South Korea in October 2017. Pablo has exhibited his work in USA, Mexico, Germany, Romania and Korea. In 2015, Pablo helped develop the concepts that inspired Yaloo’s Yaloo Charm for Heart.

Yaloo is a Chicago/Seoul based artist working with video projection mapping and Virtual Reality. She received her MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2015 with an emphasis on video installation. She was the first recipient of Lyn Blumenthal Memorial Fellowship by Video Data Bank. She received Gold Award from AHL Foundation, NY. She was a full fellowship recipient of Bemis Studio Art Center (USA), La Bande Video (Canada), Fukuoka Asian Museum (Japan) in 2017. Her works have been part a number of shows and festivals in USA, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Japan, and Korea. In October 2017, Yaloo served as a producer for Pablo Monterrubio’s Remoto, a haunted media art experience.